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Reservoir Dogs is an Americanfilmwritten and directed byQuentin Tarantinoand released in1992. It describes a gang of mobsters and events that occur before and after afailedrobbery. Tarantino’s first production, thisindependent filmincludesHarvey Keitel,Tim Roth,Michael MadsenandSteve Buscemiin its distribution and introduces in its themes and aesthetics what will become the hallmark of Tarantino: stylized dialogues,nonlinear storytelling, references topop culture , violence and vulgar language.

Tarantino originally intended to do it as an amateur with very limited means, but Keitel’s involvement in the project allowed him to expand. The film had a modest commercial success in the absolute but very important for its budget and was very well received by the critics. Presented in competition at film festivals , he has won several awards. It is now considered a very important cult film in the history of independent cinema and has allowed Tarantino to become known in the film industry, thus paving the way for success for his second film, Pulp Fiction .

In a restaurant , eight seemingly laid-back men talk, among other things, about music , including Like a Virgin , Madonna , and whether or not to tip the waitress. Six of them use pseudonyms ( Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown) and the two others are Joe Cabot, a mobster from Los Angeles , and his son Eddie.

We then find Mr. White and Mr. Orange, who was seriously injured by gunshot, arriving in an abandoned warehouse. Shortly after, Mr. Pink comes in , and we learn that these men are gangsters who were hired by Joe Cabot to rob a diamond dealer but that the robbery went bad because of the quick intervention of the police. Brown was killed and Blonde and Blue disappeared. Pink, who has managed to take away the diamonds , and White suspect that one of their group members is an informant. Follows a flashback White is recruited by Joe Cabot, the two men being longtime friends.

In the hideout, Pink and White then discuss Blonde’s psychopath behavior , which killed several civilians. Pink then opposes White’s willingness to take Orange to the hospital and the two men, exhausted, end up stealing each other, Blonde making his appearance at that time. He informs them that Eddie Cabot is on his way to join them, and that he has managed to capture a policeman . Another flashback shows Blonde, whose real name is Vic Vega, recruited when he was released from prison because he is a friend of Eddie’s.

While the three men question the policeman, Eddie Cabot arrives and, persuaded that no one has swayed them, gets up against the gangsters and asks White and Pink to follow him to the place where the latter hid the gangsters. diamonds, leaving Blonde with the policeman and Orange, fainting and bleeding from his blood. Blonde puts on the radio and, dancing on Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel , begins to torturethe policeman for pleasure: he cuts his razor’s ear, sprinkles it with gasoline and gets ready to burn it alive when Orange, out of his torpor, draws his pistol and empties his loader on Blonde. He then reveals to the policeman, named Marvin Nash, that his name is Freddy Newandyke, and that he is himself a police officer, infiltrated into the Cabot Band. The police are around, but wait for Joe Cabot’s arrival to intervene.

In a new flashback , Orange gains Joe Cabot’s confidence by telling him a fictitious anecdote repeated with another policeman. He is engaged to participate in the robbery and receives, like other thugs, a color code name. Orange also befriends White. Later, during the robbery, the situation deteriorates. Brown, hit in the head, stamps their car, then dies, forcing White and Orange to continue on foot. They try to steal a car, but the driver, armed, lodges a bullet in the belly of Orange before being shot by the latter. White then takes him to the hideout with the car.

In the warehouse, the gangsters come back and notice the death of Blonde. Orange admits to killing him, which puts Eddie out of him. He kills Marvin, refusing to believe the Orange version that Blonde was about to kill them all to get the loot. White, who always thought that Blonde was crazy, defends Orange. That’s when Joe arrives. He tells the others that Blue is dead, that according to him Orange is an undercover policeman, and he draws his weapon and wants to finish Orange. But White still defends Orange and shoots his revolver at old Joe. Eddie then threatens White to get him off if he continues to target his father. The Mexican stalemateSuddenly a bloody shootout breaks out: Joe shoots Orange, wounds him again, and is killed by White, who is himself badly wounded by Eddie, whom he then kills. Pink, left out, takes the opportunity to take the diamonds and run away from the warehouse. In the background, we hear several gunshots and cries outside while White, crawling on the ground, joins Orange and takes him in his arms. Orange admits to be a policeman. White, annihilated by this revelation, completes it before being shot by the police who invest the building.

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