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Robin Hood is a film of 2010 on the legend of Robin Hood directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett . 2 The film offers a new perspective on the story of Robin Hood, in which he is a criminal pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham , a servant of the law.

The argument takes place in a politically unstable country, threatened by civil war and the French invasion, without resources and with a population that goes hungry. It is based on the Nottingham script , in which the hero is the sheriff , although Scott changed the argument making it closer to the familiar legend. 3

Filming, which began on 30 as March as 2009 , four took place in England and Wales with experts in photography, set design and visual effects.

1199, Robin Longstride ( Russell Crowe ) is one of the archers of the army of King Richard Heart of Lion ( Danny Huston ), during the Third Crusade .

The English army assaults Châlus castle in France , King Richard is mortally wounded by a cook, using a crossbowman’s weapon while he ate soup. A group of knights of the king, having lost their king, decide to return the crown to London so that his womanizer brother, Prince Juan ( Oscar Isaac ), inherits the throne. These knights are ambushed by Lord Godfrey ( Mark Strong ), an English nobleman who collaborates with the French, but the ambush is stopped by Robin Longstride and his friends, among whom are Little John (Kevin Durand ), Will Scarlet ( Scott Grimes ) and Allan A’Dayle ( Alan Doyle ). Sir Godfrey flees, Robin tries to hit him with a crush, but only crosses one cheek.

One of the knights who are ambushed, is Sir Robert Loxley ( Douglas Hodge ), who had the duty to return the crown to England , dies in Robin’s arms after entrusting to him, the duty to return the crown and sword to his blind father, Sir Walter Loxley ( Max Von Sydow ). Robin and his companions take the armors of the crusaders, pose as them and embark on the ship that awaited the true knights.

That night, while the false crusaders were getting drunk and singing, Robin notices that the hilt of Loxley’s sword was covered by a copper wire . Robin removes it and reads an inscription: “Get up again and again, until the lambs become lions . ” That registration is familiar to you.

Once they arrive at their destination, all of England gathers in the harbor on the banks of the Thames, believing that their king has returned. But Robin gets off the ship, with the royal crown in his hands, covered with a black handkerchief, symbolizing the death of the king. Ricardo’s mother, Leonor de Aquitania ( Eileen Atkins ) then, crowns Juan.

Robin decides to fulfill the promise he made to Sir Robert Loxley before dying. On the way he meets his widow, Lady Marian ( Cate Blanchett ), daughter-in-law of Sir Walter. The latter, upon learning of the death of his son, wants Robin to pose as Sir Robert, since only he keeps alive the spirit of Nottingham, in exchange for telling him about his past and his father and keeping the sword, but also imply posing as Lady Marian’s husband, with whom he does not get along so well. Robin obeys and starts a new life as a landowner .

Sir Walter, who had fought with Thomas Longstride ( Mark Lewis Jones ), Robin’s father, manages to remind him about the strange inscription on the hilt: that phrase had been carved by Robin’s father on a huge rock in the north, presence of little Robin. Then, in front of that rock, Robin’s father was executed and buried under her.

The constant attacks of the French king Felipe ( Jonathan Zaccaï ) and his army, as well as the betrayal of Sir Godfrey, who was the most trusted man of King Juan, make England fall into total chaos. Sir Godfrey leaves to invade Nottingham to assassinate Robin, since only he knows of the treachery of Sir Godfrey. Robin had traveled north to find that huge rock, where he had gone with King John to negotiate with the northern clans to try to put them on his side. He succeeds in promising to sign the Magna Carta , which will equally favor nobles and citizens.

Robin Longstride , now known as Robin Hood , and his friends, and King John’s army decide to rise up against the French. In the battle, Robin discovers that Lady Marian secretly joins her, but is knocked down by Sir Godfrey, Robin confronts Sir Godfrey. Sir Godfrey rides a horse and tries to escape, but Robin takes his bow and pierces his neck with a crush. The French troops of King Felipe have been annihilated by the English, not thanks to Juan, but to Robin Hood .

As he had previously promised, Juan must sign the Magna Carta, but he refuses to sign and burns it in front of the abundant public that awaited the much appreciated freedom. Not only does he not sign the Magna Carta, but he also declares Robin Hood a fugitive from the law because of his crimes (illegally using a title of lord). Robin Hood, along with Lady Marian and the town of Nottingham, form the group of outlaws known as “Happy Men” in Sherwood Forest .

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