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In Krakow , during World War II , German occupation troops have forced Polish Jews to live in a ghetto . The businessman Oskar Schindler ( Liam Neeson ), of German ethnicity and a member of the Nazi Party , arrives in the city determined to make a fortune and begins by bribing various officers of the German armed forces and the SS . It also acquires a factory to produce enameled utensils . To help him manage the business, he hires Itzhak Stern ( Ben Kingsley ), a Jewish accountant that he has contacts in the black market and in the local community of Hebrew entrepreneurs and that helps him to finance the factory. Schindler maintains friendly relations with the Nazis and enjoys some wealth and social status as “Herr Direktor,” while Stern deals with the administration. Both hire Jewish employees because their salaries are lower for German taxation and because Stern seeks to save his people from deportation to concentration camps by turning them into essential workers for the German war effort.

The SS officer Amon Göth ( Ralph Fiennes ) is assigned to Krakow to oversee the construction of the Płaszów concentration camp and when it is over, he orders the liquidation of the city’s Jewish ghetto. Schindler witnesses the brutality of his eviction, in which many people are shot and killed, something that deeply affects him. He looks particularly at a girl who wears a red coat while fleeing from the Nazis and whose lifeless body can see shortly thereafter among a pile of corpses. In spite of everything, Schindler tries to maintain a cordial relationship with Göth and the SS, for which he uses adulation and bribery. The German officer is a sadistic man who gives brutal treatment to his maid Helen Hirsch (Embeth Davidtz ) and who likes to randomly shoot from the balcony of his villa to the inmates of Płaszów. Witnessing the horror around him, Schindler decides that instead of getting rich he will try to save as many Jewish lives as possible. With this effort to protect his workers, he convinces Göth to allow him to build a subfield next to his factory.

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