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The science fiction film, which anticipates a future controlled by large mining corporations, starts on a planet that had a mineral to generate electricity, where there were military bases of two mining companies faced, which was contaminated with high levels of radiation, for mining operations and nuclear war between the mining companies, which had shared out the mining rights of the planet, but were eventually abandoned by the mining companies in conflict, to colonize another planet and extract their minerals and left a small battalion of combat, abandoned in an underground base.

After a confrontation with a nuclear war on this planet, among the soldiers hired as mercenaries by the belligerent mining companies, there was a nuclear winter, the mercenary fighters abandoned in underground bases developed an intelligent weapon, a land mine that could be moved by the desert sands and attack enemy combatants, to establish an economic and effective way to achieve a permanent ceasefire, until the mining companies rescue them.

Intelligent mines in the shape of crawling animals made a child-shaped robot to fool enemy fighters and break the balance of forces that maintained a ceasefire, enter enemy underground bases, and search for a hidden spacecraft to abandon the planet.

Finally, the robots managed to fool the enemy fighters, locate the spacecraft and escape the planet.

Screamers is established in the year 2078, on the planet Sirius 6B, a mining industrial center, which was once a flourishing planet and mining economic center, now reduced to a desert by a nuclear war between the Alliance, a resistance group composed of old mines of the colony, the scientific staff and their employers, against the New Economic Block.

The Alliance scientists created a new weapon system called the “Autonomous Mobile Sword”, a self-replicating artificial intelligence machine. Due to the noise emitted by the machines during their attack, the Alliance gives it the name of “Screamers”. These robots that moved under the desert sand, like an intelligent mine, are not designed to identify the friend of the enemy, and they tracked their targets through their heartbeats, the scientists created a device called ‘Tab’, to use as a bracelet on the arm of the soldier, which makes its carrier “invisible” by broadcasting a signal that cancels the user’s heartbeat.

The fighting forces of the Alliance as the New Economic Block, of the planet Sirius 6B, were exhausted, with poor supplies and decimated by radiation contamination. Consequently, they have a situation of ceasefire and unstable stalemate, between the first line of battle. The Officer in command of the Alliance, Joe Hendricksson(Peter Weller), receives the news of Command of the Alliance on Earth, which is being negotiated with the enemies of the New Economic Block NBE, with a message to guarantee the safe passage through the territory controlled by the NBE, of two officers of the Alliance to discuss a peace treaty, which is recovered from an NBE soldier killed by the screamers in the desert, when he approached the entrance door of the Alliance’s underground base. When an Alliance troop carrier comes from the ground and falls by accident near the base of command, the only survivor, Michael “Ace” Jefferson (Andrew Lauer), tells Hendricksson that the Earth message was a lie. Hendricksson feels that the Alliance’s leadership has been lying for years, with the intention of simply leaving the planet in ruins,

Feeling betrayed, Hendricksson accepts the NBE peace offer and accompanies Jefferson to achieve a new peace agreement with the enemy commander, Marshall Richard Cooper. While traveling through a destroyed city, they discover a boy named David (Michael Caloz), holding a stuffed bear in his hand. The following night, they are attacked by a new type of Screamer, and Hendricksson becomes suspicious of the Screamer’s loyalty. When Hendricksson’s group approaches the base of the NBE, David is shot by an NBE soldier, who reveals to the Alliance soldiers, the surprise that David is actually a new “Type 3” Screamer, capable to pose as a human being. They enter the underground base of the NBE and meet three soldiers, Becker (Roy Dupuis),Ross (Charles Powell) and Jessica (Jennifer Rubin) explain that all the other soldiers in their NBE combat battalion were eliminated after their patrol teams had brought them without knowing it.

The group heads to the NBE’s single command center, but they find an empty building and large pools of blood. Locating the central computer, Hendricksson discovers that the message of the NBE peace treaty is also false. The group of soldiers retreated back to their base underground, while being chased by a Screamer. Later, as the group argues, Becker kills Ross, claiming that he was a Screamer, although it is clear that he was not. Hendricksson decides to return to the Alliance base. When they return, they find that all the soldiers were killed by a Screamer. While dozens of “Type 3” exit through the entrance to the bunker, Hendricksson fires a new nuclear missile at the entrance of the bunker, destroying all “Type 3” Screamers. Becker seems to have been seriously injured in the explosion, which led Jefferson to come to his aid. But Becker kills Jefferson, who reveals that he is also a screamer. Hendricksson, after a fight manages to kill Becker. After this, he and Jessica are the only survivors of the fight.

Now quite paranoid, Hendricksson cuts Jessica’s hands in order to determine whether or not he is a Screamer. Seeing the blood and it seems that this is human, they go to a hidden space station, servicing the escape shuttle ship. They find that the ferry has capacity for only one person. Hendricksson wants Jessica to escape, but a second person with Jessica’s form appears, which shows that Jessica is an advanced form of Screamer “type 4”. The two robots in the shape of Jessica fight each other, with the first Hendricksson achieves protection. The second Jessica is destroyed by the shuttle’s engines. With her last breath, the first Jessica professes her love for Hendricksson. Hendricksson realizes that Screamers are evolving to assimilate the human form,

Hendricksson boards the ferry and travels back to Earth. Contemplating everything that has happened, he plays with the teddy bear that he took from the first “type 3” Screamer he found, from the boy who always carried it in his hand, before throwing the bear on the control console. of the ship. In the final shot, the teddy bear begins to move slowly and reveals that it is a hidden Screamer (possibly the “type 2”), who was trying to escape from the planet.

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