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Screamers – screams from space (Screamers) is a science fiction film of 1995 directed by Christian Duguay , loosely based on the short story by Philip K. Dick Model Two ( Second Variety , 1952 ).

The film was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, 1995 and released by Columbia TriStar for US theaters on January 26, 1996 .

In 2009 a follow-up was followed by the title Screamers 2 – Evolution , directed by Sheldon Wilson .

Year 2078. On the remote planet Sirius 6B, the new economic block ( NEB ) extracts a mineral substance called berynium , the possible solution to the planet’s energy crisis , but during the extraction also large doses of polluting radiation are released .

Ten years after the discovery of the berynium, a federation of miners and scientists , called “Alliance”, opposes the extraction of the mineral causing a real war between the two groups of the planet Sirius 6B and a cold war with planet Earth .

One of the defenses created by the Alliance during the five years of the war were the screamers (trad .: urlatori); real mobile and autonomous blades , so named for their ability to emit very high-frequency sounds that can stun their victims. The Alliance, as the creator of these machines, had also created a specific “plate” recognition bracelet, so that those who possess it with green light can not be attacked by screamer . Without these machines most likely the Alliance, headed by Hendricksson on the planet, would have lost the war.

Six months after the last satellite communication by the NEB , one of their soldiers crosses the “no man’s land” watched by screamer with the purpose of bringing a message from Major Richard Cooper, commander of the NEB forces to deal with peace with the Alliance and secure a safe route through the territory of the NEBs for two representatives so that peace can be discussed, but the emissary is killed by deadly machines. Hendricksson discovers that the screamer who killed the messenger soldier has been changed: it is a new model of screamer . Through a holographic communication the minister Green ofTritone 4 can extract the berynium without risk of contamination, and that peace negotiations are ongoing with the NEB . Shortly thereafter, an Alliance troop transport vehicle crashes near its base. The only survivor, the “Ace” sharpshooter soldier Jefferson ( Andrew Lauer ), will reveal to Commander Hendricksson that the war is still alive and ongoing on Triton 4, where reinforcements were directed, and that in reality the Minister Green was arrested and killed two years before.

Convinced that now all the survivors on Sirius have been permanently abandoned, Hendricksson eventually convinces Jefferson to want peace with the NEBs of Major Cooper so that together they can return to Earth. During the journey, the two meet a young man, David, who survives the contamination , nuclear weapons and screamer and discover that there is a new type of screamer that does not respond to the bracelets. Once arrived at a NEB base a soldier shoots the boy so that Jefferson and Hendriksson discover that it is another type of screamer(third type) even more evolved and able to speak, from the appearance of a child who is chilled and undernourished, who carries with him a ragged ragged bear. Once inside the enemy base, they meet Becker, Ross, and Jessica, a merchant , who explains to them the various types of existing screamer . They will find that in the command rooms in the underground tunnels there has been a complete massacre by the screamer . Upon leaving the base, Ross is killed by Becker, apparently persuaded that his partner is another species of screamer .

The remaining four (Jefferson, Hendricksson, Jessica and Becker) finally arrive at the base, but only to find out that it has been infested by the third-type screamer . It remains for them to destroy the entire base with a plutonium rocket, and with it all the screamer present in the base. Becker, after the destruction, pretends to be hurt, and proving himself to be a screamer , kills Jefferson by crushing him. Hendricksson then eliminates the screamer with an explosive projectile that divides it into two parts.

Hendricksson, being an officer of the Alliance, is the only one aware of the existence of a spaceshiphidden and ready for escape, but before heading to the hiding place makes sure that Jessica is human and to do so, she gives her a cut to a hand that bleeding seems to remove any doubt. Arrived at the escape ship, Hendricksson is attacked by Chuck Elbarak another Becker type screamer, with another face, which reveals to him that the previous face was actually that of the major Richard Cooper, it turns out that the soldier Becker was not never existed. After a hard fight, Hendricksson definitely destroys him and so he and Jessica can finally leave. Unfortunately, they realize that there is room for only one passenger, so Hendricksson decides that Jessica will be leaving. During the delay of the girl to get on the ship, a screamer arrivesin the same guise of Jessica and Hendricksson she understands that Jessica is also a screamer . Hendricksson then throws the first Jessica off the ship, is attacked by the second, but the first Jessica remains loyal to the man and defends him. The two female screamer begin to fight. The first Jessica is mortally wounded by the second, which will then be destroyed by Hendricksson using the propellers in the pre-heating phase of the shuttle. Finally Jessica, on the verge of death, reveals his love to Hendricksson.

Hendricksson finally leaves with the ship to the ground, but on board there is a small rag that belonged to the screamer type David. As soon as Hendricksson takes off his bracelet, the teddy bear starts to move.

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