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Outside of himself ( English Self / less ) – a fantastic thriller of 2015, shot by American director Tarsem Singh . Exit in the rental of the United States took place on July 10, 2015.

Elderly businessman Damian Hale finds out that he is seriously ill with cancer. Then the brilliant scientist Professor Albright invites him to conduct a medical procedure in which his consciousness will be moved to the body of a young man, created by genetic engineering techniques. Damian agrees, dramatizes her death and receives a new body. Moreover, Professor Albright also gives him special medications for hallucinations, which are a side effect of the relocation.

Under the name Edward Kidner, Damian starts a new life, makes friends with her new neighbor, Anton, until his hallucinations begin to become too realistic. Then Damian realizes that this is someone’s memories, and eventually finds out that in fact he was infused not into an empty body, but into another person – Mark Bitwell, who had his wife Maddy and little daughter Anna, who consider him dead (Mark sold himself in exchange for treatment for Anna). Damian finds them and, for the first time without revealing the cards, starts with them on the run from Anton, who turned out to be Albright’s assistant. Albright, as it turned out, is also another person who has settled in someone else’s body.

Maddy is horrified at what happened, but soon she manages to make friends with Damian; Damian also draws closer to Anna, for the first time in her life, really playing the role of a father (he also has a daughter, but he does not see it). They are hiding from his old friend Martin, barely convincing him of the situation until they find out that his son Tony, who died two years ago, is alive again. Martin honestly admits that he also used the resettlement procedure, but all this time he considered the body artificial. Damian tells him the truth, and Martin tries to help them escape, but Anna and Maddie are caught by Albright, who wants to use them as new vessels.

Damian discovers that the tablets Albright gave him actually suppress the identity of this Mark; and if Damian stops taking them, then his personality will die, and Mark will rise again. Damian decides to continue taking the medicine until a certain moment. According to Mark’s recollections, he overtakes Albright in an abandoned warehouse, where he created the second laboratory, and finally defeats him. After this, he temporarily sends Maddie and Anna to the Caribbean, and he meets with his daughter Claire, posing as a friend of Damian and giving her a “posthumous” letter from herself, in which she apologizes for not paying enough attention to her. After that, he travels to the Caribbeanhimself, stops taking pills, and a few days later his personality dies, and this Mark is resurrected. He looks at the thank-you video message left to him by Damian, and reunites with his wife and daughter.

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Movie Quality : BRRip 480P

Movie Size : 376 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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