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In 1989, John Shaft, his wife Maya Babanikos and their son JJ, both of whom were children, became victims of an attack. Although Shaft manages to repel the attackers, but it comes to a break between him and Maya. She takes her son and raises him alone. The only contact is dubious birthday gifts.

Twenty-five years later, JJ Shaft begins working as a data analyst at the FBI after studying MIT . When his best friend Karim, a former junkie suffering from PTSD who has just started a self-help group called Brothers Watching Brothers with friends, dies of an overdose , he notices irregularities. He begins to identify on his own, but soon reaches its limits. In the house where Karim allegedly bought his drugs, he puts the dealer to justice, but his investigation ends in the hospital.

So JJ decides to visit his father. Together, the two begin to investigate. The generation conflicts burden the cooperation of the two. But the two are more similar than they first think. They continue to investigate on their own and the trail leads to Shaft’s archenemy Gordito. Both survive an assassination attempt and then present their evidence to the FBI. This leads to a raid on a nearby mosque, but no drugs are found there. The media then accuse the FBI of Islamophobia and so JJ is suspended as a scapegoat. Shortly thereafter, JJ and Shaft throw themselves, because JJ feels instrumentalized.

JJ and his girlfriend Sasha continue to investigate and come up against a connection to Brothers Watching Brothers, which take over the drug smuggling as a camouflage organization. Sasha is captured, while Shaft can save his son at the last second. In his distress, he and his son turn to Shaft Sr. Equipped with a considerable arsenal of weapons and technical abilities, Gordito’s Penthouse’s big showdown culminates in Shaft catching a bullet for his son.

JJ gets his job back, but refuses to investigate with his father and grandfather as a private detective.

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 1.07 GB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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