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1974, a boy named Thaddeus Sivana rides in a car with his father and older brother, playing with a ball of predictions . The father constantly reproaches the child and taunts his passion for the toy. Suddenly, the ball lights up with mysterious symbols, and Thaddeus is magically transported to the Rock of Eternity. There he meets the old wizard Shazam, which holds in captivity the spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins, but is now too weak to continue to restrain them in stone. The last of the council of seven, Shazam spent centuries searching for a new defender to whom he could transfer his strength. He gives the boy a test, because he can only trust power with an absolutely good and pure heart, but Thaddeus, yielding to temptation, does not live up to his hopes. Magically, the boy returns to the car with nothing. In perplexity, he tries to talk about what happened to him, his father is distracted from the road, and they get into an accident. The father is seriously injured, which Thaddeus is again accused of.

Currently, in Philadelphia, fourteen-year-old Billy Batson is being caught by social services after he once again escaped from a foster family and circled the patrol toes to find his mother, whom he lost in an amusement park in early childhood. He enters a new foster family with Rosa and Victor Vasquez and meets his five, also adopted, brothers and sisters. He gets the room in which his new brother Freddy Freeman lives with him – a chatty boy obsessed with comicsand leaning on a crutch when walking. Meanwhile, an adult Thaddeus Sivana finds the key to unraveling magic symbols and opens the door, which is a portal to the Rock of Eternity. The old wizard, who had never found a replacement, was already completely weakened, and Sivana unhinderedly freed Sins, allowing them to use his body as a vessel. He bursts into a meeting at his father’s office and, using the power of Sins, calmly kills all the employees present, his father and older brother, thus punishing them for the way they treated him in childhood.

At school, a group of bullies is bullied by Freddy. Although Billy does not want to get closer to the members of his new family, he still stands up for Freddy, after which he has to run away from the hooligans. He hides in the subway, from where Shazam transfers him to the Rock of Eternity. The wizard tells the boy that once magical power fell into bad hands, but from now on this should not be allowed, and therefore Billy will have to stop Sivan. Touching the staff and saying “Shazam!”, Billy turns into an adult superhero, and the old man, having lost the remnants of his power, finally disappears. Billy turns to Freddy for help, and together they begin to study Billy’s superpowers. Freddy uploads videos of their training on the Internet, and soon Billy in the image of an adult hero gains popularity. However, differences soon arise between the boys: Freddy tells the students that he knows the famous superhero and can invite him to lunch at the school cafeteria, but Billy refuses to play along with him and instead skips classes to perform for people on the street. Freddy accuses Billy of being ridiculed because of him at school, to which Billy replies that he does not want to be used. As a result of their quarrel, Billy, being in the form of a superhero, accidentally getslightning into the wheel of the bus, as a result of which it almost falls from the bridge. Billy manages to save people on the bus, which delights passers-by and gathered journalists, but Freddie does not share the general joy, accusing Billy of a frivolous attitude to his own abilities. Sivana sees a story about the hero from the scene and hurries there, intending to take away his strength. Having been defeated, Billy transforms into a boy and escapes, merging with the crowd, but the villain manages to grab Freddy.

Billy’s brothers and sisters understand that he is the hero of Shazam . They manage to find the address of his real mother, and Billy runs to her, however, meeting her, he finds out that she did not specifically look for him then in the park, because she was not ready for motherhood and hoped that someone would take care of her son is better than herself. Leaving her, Billy receives a call from Dr. Sivana, who forced Freddy to bring him home to the Vazquez, and now holds all the children of the family hostage. He promises to let them go if Shazam gives his strength to him, and Billy agrees. Together they go to the Rock of Eternity, where the children together with Shazam manage to escape, finding out along the way that the villain is vulnerable while the spirits of Sins are outside his body.

They are hiding from Sivana at a Christmas market in an amusement park, but the villain threatens to kill everyone who is there if they do not give up. However, Billy recalls that the council had several wizards, and understands that power can be divided, which he does, as a result of which his brothers and sisters also turn into adult superheroes. Together they defeat evil spirits, and Shazam takes the Eye of Envy from Sivana and again imprisons Sins in stone. Billy draws closer to his foster family and appears at school as Shazam to support Freddy, and also brings Superman along with him .

In the scene during the credits, Sivana draws mysterious symbols on the wall in his prison cell, but he is interrupted by Mr. Mind, previously imprisoned at the Rock of Eternity, who tells him about the pillars of evil that come together and that they will rule the family spheres. In the scene after the credits, Freddy checks to see if Billy can talk to the fish , referring to Aquaman , but Billy considers this ability stupid.

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