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Sphere is a 1998 American film, directed by Barry Levinson . Starring Dustin Hoffman , Sharon Stone , Peter Coyote and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles. Based on the homonymous novelof 1987, by Michael Crichton .

In the middle of the South Pacific Ocean , thousands of feet below the surface, what is believed to be a spaceship is discovered, after a transoceanic vessel cut a cable as it passed near the ship. The United States Navy initiates an investigation. The thickness of coral growth in the ship suggests that it has been at the bottom of the sea for about 300 years. The place is guarded by Navy ships.

A team formed by the marine biologist Dr. Beth Halperin ( Sharon Stone ), the mathematician Dr. Harry Adams ( Samuel L. Jackson ), an astrophysicist , Dr. Ted Fielding ( Liev Schreiber ), a psychologist , Dr. Norman Goodman ( Dustin Hoffman ), and the captain of the US Navy, Harold C. Barnes ( Peter Coyote ), will be in charge of investigating the spacecraft.

At the bottom of the ocean, an installation has been built where the group will stay. The installation, called Habitat, is operated by two communications technicians, Alice “Teeny” Fletcher ( Queen Latifah ) and Jane Edmunds ( Marga G√≥mez ).

Upon entering the spacecraft the team makes two discoveries. The first is that the ship is from the future, in particular from the United States . The last date in the flight record is 06/21/43, the specific century is not indicated. The last entry that the ship could register shows it falling through what apparently looks like a black hole , which theoretically makes it possible to make a trip through time. The second discovery is that the ship’s mission was to collect objects from around the galaxy to bring them to Earth .

They discover a great perfect sphere located in the cargo hold, which looms low on the ground, and which has a surface of an impenetrable liquid that reflects its surroundings, but not people.

Later, Adams returns alone to the spacecraft, and finds a way to enter the sphere. Then, he is found lying unconscious next to her. Soon after, a series of messages encoded in binary will begin to appear on the Habitat screens . Harry and the astrophysicist Ted Fielding manage to decipher the messages and to converse with what they suppose is an extraterrestrial one (that calls itself “Jerry”) that has been catched in the sphere. They soon discover that “Jerry” can hear everything that is spoken on board Habitat .

Harry’s entry into the sphere prevents the evacuation team from removing them from the Habitat , due to the arrival of a typhoon on the surface. This fact forces them to stay under the ocean for almost a week.

A series of tragedies begin to befall the crew: “Teeny” Fletcher, the Navy technician, is killed by aggressive jellyfish . Jane Edmunds is killed by a giant squid that causes great damage to Habitat , Ted ends up involved in a violent explosion that calcinates his body. Captain Barnes ends up cut in half, when he tries to cross through a hydraulic door, and a deep-sea fish attacks Dr. Norman Goodman. “Jerry” is the cause of these terrible incidents.

Finally, only Harry, Norman and Beth remain alive. At this point, they realize that all of them have entered the sphere, and this has given them the power to manifest their ideas and fantasies and make them come true. Therefore, all the disasters that have been ravaging them, are the result of the manifestations of the worst thoughts of their own minds.

Norman discovers that the name “Jerry” turns out to have been mistakenly deciphered and that it is actually “Harry”, then they realize that it is the subconscious of Dr. Harry Adams who communicates with them through the computer system, each time who is asleep.

At that moment the suicidal thoughts of Dr. Beth Alperin are manifested as triggers of a countdown to activate the explosives that were brought near the ship to clear the coral.

They manage to leave the Habitat in the mini-submarine, but their fears make the illusion of the spacecraft around them manifest. Norman finally manages to see through the illusion the takeoff button of the minisubmarine. It manages to press it and they are thrown towards the surface at the moment that the explosives destroy the Habitat and the spaceship, but the sphere remains intact.

The minisubmarine manages to rise to the surface, and is found by the ships of the Navy, which have already returned after the typhoon. The survivors are immediately taken to a decompression chamber aboard one of these vessels, since the submarine was not pressurized.

Finally, the three survivors understand that the power of the sphere turned thoughts and fantasies into reality, and if it was used for good deeds, it was a magnificent tool of progress; but if it was used negatively, it only caused destruction. They then decide to use their acquired powers to erase from their own memory the existence of the sphere, and the terrible events that took place at the bottom of the sea, before being interrogated, in order to prevent knowledge of the power of the sphere from falling into the wrong hands. .

As they erase their own memories of the event, the sphere emerges from the sea and flies into space to wait to be picked up again by the ship.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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