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Sphere – The power from space (AKA Sphere ) is an American science fiction film from the year 1998 by director Barry Levinson based on the novel Sphere – The thoughts of the evil of Michael Crichton from 1987. As one of the Seabed discovered a spaceship, the psychologist Goodman ( Dustin Hoffman ) together with the biochemist Halperin ( Sharon Stone ), the mathematician Adams ( Samuel L. Jackson ) and the astrophysicist Fielding ( Liev Schreiber) to learn as much as possible about the UFO. When they perceive a strange sphere, they do not suspect that it will manipulate their thoughts.

The psychologist Goodman is called to the crash site of an aircraft. A little later it turns out that it is not a plane, but a crashed spaceship . Goodman is part of a team whose composition is based on his own proposal. Years ago, Goodman had commissioned the government to create a study that focused on contact with extraterrestrial life forms. Goodman, who thought it was a joke, gave the names he knew. These scientists, the astrophysicist Fielding, the mathematician Adams and the biochemist Halperin, are now aboard the salvage ship with him.

Competition, envy and resentment split the group right from the start. The head of the team, an obscure captain named Barnes, tells the team that the spaceship is an alien spaceship that has been lying three hundred meters deep at the bottom of the Pacific for 288 years. The group dives down to a Navy-built base and explores the spacecraft.

They find out that it is an American spaceship, which was probably accidentally flown through a black hole and thereby traveled back in time. In their exploration, the scientists find a strange artifact in the form of a huge, perfect sphere. The spacemen have picked up the ball during their flight. Meanwhile, the connection to the supply ships is cut off, as a storm rises and the ships have to move to safety.

The crew of the underwater base is from now on on its own. Adams tries to get into the ball to be the first to reveal the mystery of the artifact. When he leaves the ball again, he is in a kind of coma . Goodman is on hand to save Adams, but first enters the sphere, unobserved by the others. When Adams awakes, strange things happen. First, the technician Fletcher is killed by a jellyfish swarm after it has reset the automatic start of the rescue submarine. The scientists suddenly receive encrypted data that appears on the computer monitors.

The mathematician Harry Adams can decrypt the code. It turns out that the data is being sent out of the spaceship by an intelligence named JERRY. Communication with JERRY is difficult at first and then deadly. JERRY can “manifest” things, and just for fun, a giant appears octopusthat attacks the underwater base. In this attack, except for Goodman, Halperin and Adams all residents of the base die. Goodman discovers that JERRY is actually HARRY (Adams’ subconscious) and incapacitates him with the help of Beth Halperin. But the manifestations continue. Halperin suspects Goodman of being in the ball as well, and vice versa. Halperin was actually in the bullet as well and armed the bombs scattered around the habitat. When the three realize that their deepest fears and inner conflicts have triggered the events, it is almost too late. Shortly before the explosion of the explosive devices, they manage to escape to the surface with the rescue submarine.

During the decompression phase aboard the supply ship, however, the problem of the time paradox remains to be clarified for the three. Adams, who came first, thought that all members of the team would have had to die for the spacecraft to fly through the black hole in 2047 and travel back in time. Now that they are still alive, they could report their findings so that the crew of the spaceship would have been warned and would not fly through the black hole, which meant the spaceship would never have traveled back in time. The three realize that they still have their power given by the ball and decide to forget the events with this power.

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