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Sphere ( Sphere ) is a film of 1998 directed by Barry Levinson , taken from ‘ eponymous novel by Michael Crichton .

Dr. Norman Goodman is a psychologist who is usually called by the authorities when a large incident occurs, to provide psychological support to survivors. When he is summoned in great secrecy in the middle of the ocean by the mysterious officer Barnes discovers that his name has been extracted from his old essay, made for the United States government , to be used in the event of a contact with an extraterrestrial civilization . The report cites three scientists : the biologist Beth Halperin, with whom Norman had a brief report years before, the mathematician Harry Adams and the astrophysicist Ted Fielding, all called to participate in the expedition.

At the bottom of the abysses, a spaceship of unknown provenance has been located and the team’s task is to inspect it and eventually make contact with alien life forms. In reality the spaceship appears deserted but reveals an advanced technology and from the logbook the scientists discover that it is of American origin coming from an unspecified future and that has been on the ocean floor for about three hundred years. In the cargo compartment they find a mysterious sphere about ten meters in diameter.

While they are stuck in the submarine station due to a storm on the surface, one after another the members of the team begin to die in strange incidents, while seeking explanations “talking” through a computer with an entity from the childish ways they feel communicate from within the sphere, called Jerry. Jerry seems to have fun unleashing various sea creatures against the scientists and the military without a specific purpose.

After several hours, Norman, Harry and Beth, now the last survivors, understand that the events that are happening are not caused by Jerry: actually they are themselves doing harm, materializing their thoughts and their fears, even during the sleep. All have entered into the sphere that seems to endow the human mind with particular powers. In fact, after they left the sphere, they involuntarily used the powers to kill themselves. The same thing had happened to all the other members of the team who inadvertently materialized their fears.

The three survivors are rescued and, in the few minutes before the interrogation, decide that the sphere, although made them capable of realizing their dreams, give too much power to control and that it would be too dangerous to let such power end up in the hands army, which would use it for war purposes. They then come to the conclusion that, although the sphere may have been a gift from extraterrestrial intelligences, mankind is not yet ready to use such power. Using the mental powers obtained thanks to the sphere, they decide to forget their existence and to impose that it never existed. Since it materializes the thoughts and makes them real, the trio questions themselves about what they are doing, forgetful, as the sphere comes out of the “three”

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