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Eleven arrives at the Byers’ house and frees them from the herd of monsters. After a brief meeting, they form a plan to close the gate to the next world. Hopper and Eleven go to the lab to close the gate, while Jonathan, Nancy, and Joyce exorcise the monster in Will by warming him to the extreme. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Steve, and Max plan to enter the tunnels to lure the herd away from the lab. Steve refuses to help initially. Billy’s father sends him to look for Max, in his search he finds her with Steve and fights him. Eventually Max drops his brother, and Steve agrees to help them. The children go to the tunnels to realize their plan, but are cornered by Dart. Dustin calms Dart long enough for the group to escape. Eleven releases all its anger and manages to close the portal, killing all monsters. One month later, the lab was closed, a funeral was made for Barb, and Dr. Owens gives Hopper a birth certificate. The students go to the school winter prom, Eleven and Mike kiss as well as Lucas and Max, unaware that in the other world, the monster is still alive and watching the school.

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Movie Quality : 480P Web-DL

Movie Size : 221 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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