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Eleven used his power to chase Mind Flayer, forcing it to flee to the factory. In the Russian lab below Starcourt, Steve and Robin are arrested, drugged and interrogated, but Dustin and Erica save them out. Thanks to Murray’s interpretation, Hopper and Joyce kept Alexei, forcing him to reveal that the Russians were trying to enter the Reverse World and that they were opening a gate beneath Starcourt. Hopper called Owens to warn the US Government, but Joyce insisted they return to Hawkins immediately, worried that the children might be involved. Grigori cornered Kline at the National Day fairby Hawkins, ordering him to speed up the search for Hopper. Mike accidentally confessed his feelings for Eleven. To find the Mind Flayer, Eleven used his power to try to communicate psychologically with Billy; she learned his turbulent childhood and found Mind Flayer in the factory. Billy learns of Eleven’s presence, tells Mind Flayer her location and reveals its plans to kill her in revenge for her closing the gate. The annexed people gathered in the workshop, their bodies melted and merged into the Mind Flayer.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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