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While the Mind Flayer attacks Nancy and Jonathan at the hospital, Will senses his presence, and Eleven arrives in time to overpower him; He gets into the sewers. At Starcourt’s Russian base, Steve and Robin are captured, drugged and interrogated, but Dustin and Erica arrive to rescue them. With Murray’s translation, Hopper and Joyce learn from Alexei Russian efforts to build portal machines to access the Inverted World, including one under Starcourt; Hopper calls Dr. Owens to warn the government. Grigori crowns Klein at the Independence Day fair, demanding that he intensify efforts to find Hopper’s group. To find the Mind Eater, Eleven uses the same method of accessing Billy’s memories she used with her mother. After seeing her troubled childhood, she meets the eye of the stormy steel mill. When she leaves her mind, Billy grabs her, and the Mind Flayer notices her location in Hopper’s cabin. On the other side of the city, those possessed by the Mind Flayer are transformed into melted flesh and fuse with the original monster, making it even larger.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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