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In the (fictional) Southeast Asian state of Shadaloo ruled the megalomaniac dictator and self-proclaimed General M. Bison. He takes more than 60 AN employees (AN = Allied Nations, similar to the UN ) as hostages and threatens to liquidate them if he does not receive a $ 20 billion ransom. Colonel William F. Guile, the leader of an international military elite force, is assigned the task of forcibly entering Shadaloo with his troop, the hostagesto free and disable General Bison. Among bison prisoners is also Guiles friend Carlos Blanka, who is not killed by bison, but abused for experimental purposes in the laboratory. The captive and good-faith Dr. Dhalsim is forced by General Bison to turn Blanka into a living combat machine.

Chun Li Zhang, a reporter, also tries to find General Bison’s whereabouts because she wants to avenge him for her father’s death. In an interview, Guile insults General Bison, who intervenes in the live broadcast until he realizes that Guile is trying to determine his whereabouts by sonar.

Meanwhile, tricksters Ryu Hoschi and Ken Masters are coming to town to do business with Viktor Sagat. Ryu and Ken want to infiltrate Sagat, which bison gunman Sagat already knew in advance. He plans to take revenge on Ryu and Ken against Vega, Sagat’s champion, but before it comes to a fight, Guile storms Sagats Arena with a shell and has all the people arrested, including Sagat, Vega, Ryu and Ken.

Against Guile’s promises of freedom, Ken and Ryu infiltrate Victor Sagat’s troop and undertake an escape attempt, which succeeds because Guile has planned it and attached a direction finder to the escape truck . Guile can be shot to pretend to deceive bison.

Even television reporter Chun-Li Zang is trying to pay her open bill along with her friends Edmond Honda, a sumo wrestler , and boxer Balrog. All three are first detained in Bison’s camp, later they try to overwhelm Bison along with Ken and Ryu. He escapes from his bedroom into a shelter and can overwhelm the five attackers with gas flowing into the bedroom.

In the showdown , Guile defeats Bison and all hostages are released.

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 943 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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