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Survivor (Alternative title: chase through London [2] ) is a US-American – British action – thriller from director James McTeigue from the year 2015 . The main roles will feature Milla Jovovich , Pierce Brosnan and Dylan McDermott . The film had its premiere on May 21, 2015 in Italian cinemas; in the United States he came to the cinemas a week later. [3] In the German-speaking countries it was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 27, 2015. [4]

Kate Abbott, a security expert working for Homeland Security , is based at the US embassy in London. There, she checks persons placing an entry visa in the United States for suspicious signs of a terrorist background. When she told the Romanian scientist Emil Balan makes trouble with his visa application, charging terrorists with the professional killer Nash, called the “watchmaker”, to clear them out of the way. During a meal with her colleagues she accidentally leaves the restaurant for a short while as the watchmaker bombs and kills everyone present. Shortly thereafter, she meets the watchmaker on the street, who then chases her through London. When she was in Hyde Parkhidden, she meets her colleague Bill Talbot, who carried a hidden in their security badge GPS – tracking device has tracked. This tries to kill her, but is shot himself in a scuffle. Meanwhile her supervisor Sam Parker rushes to help her, but arrives too late. Inspector Anderson believes from cell phone videos she has purposely killed Talbot and is searching for her.

With the help of the embittered Dr. Balan, who has been unable to bring his deceased sick wife to the United States for a denied entry visa, is planning a major attack on the New Year’s Eve party in New York’s Times Square . For testing purposes, they blow up a building complex in London with a smaller explosive than planned for New York.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Kate continues from all sides through central London; only Sam Parker believes in her innocence. The watchmaker stays on her heels with a modified GPS receiver. Kate breaks into Talbot’s apartment and meets Parker. Together, they discover a video of Talbot’s son Johnny, who was captured by militias following a helicopter launch over Afghanistan. Through blackmail they have already introduced several terrorists to the United States with Bill Talbot’s help. When the watchmaker also arrives at the apartment, he injured Parker by a grenade heavy. Kate has just escaped, but is now the target of the intelligence services, because you charged her the injury of Parker.

With the help of computer specialist Sally, Kate arrives at the US Embassy to search for evidence of her innocence. She notes at a computer terminal that Dr. Balan is already on his way to New York. However, Ambassador Crane refutes Sally’s warning as she considers it a distraction from Kate’s own person.

Kate flies to New York City with a fake passport. Under Dr. Meanwhile, Balan’s leadership introduces the high-explosive gas mixture to the infiltrated chemists and fills it in Times Square in a New Year’s Eve ball. Dr. Balan climbs a high-rise roof with the watchmaker, from which they want to explode the bullet with a sniper rifle. Dr. Balan, unaware that the terrorists are actually pursuing a stock market crash with the attack to capture $ 100 billion, is killed by the watchmaker. Kate arrives at the last second and pushes the watchmaker in a fight from the skyscraper roof.

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