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In 1913 in Houston , eight-year-old Howard Hughes was bathed by his mother, then his mother warned Howard about the recent cholera outbreak in Houston that he was “insecure”. Fourteen years later, Howard ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) began directing the film Hell’s Angels and hired Noah Dietrich ( John C. Reilly ) to manage the routine operations of his job. After the release of the film The Jazz Singer, the first voiced film, Howard was obsessed with shooting his film in a real way and decided to turn the film into a sound film. Even though the film became famous, Howard remained dissatisfied with the end result and requested that his film be cut back after the Hollywood premiere. Howard underwent a romantic relationship with actress Katharine Hepburn ( Cate Blanchett ), who helped relieve Howard’s increasingly severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms.

In 1935, Howard tried to fly an H-1 Racer, pushing it to a new speed record. Three years later, he broke the world record by flying around the world for four days. He then bought a majority of shares in Transcontinental & Western Air (TWA) . Juan Trippe ( Alec Baldwin ), rival and leader of the company Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) , got his best friend, Senator Owen Brewster ( Alan Alda ), to introduce the Community Airline Bill, which will give Pan Am specificity on international air travel. Katharine got bored with Howard’s obsession and left him for the actor Spencer Tracy(Kevin O’Rourke). Howard is quickly attracted to Faith Domergue (Kelli Garner) who is 15 years old, then he is interested in actress Ava Gardner ( Kate Beckinsale ). However, Howard still had feelings for Katharine and blackmailed a reporter to keep and hide reports about Katharine and Spencer, who were actually married, from the public.

Howard contracted two projects with the United States Army Air Force for a spy plane and military transport aircraft . In 1946, with the Spruce Goose flying boat still under construction, Howard completed the XF-11 reconnaissance aircraft and took him for a flight test. However, one of the aircraft’s engines died in the middle of the flight and crashed in Beverly Hills , with Howard seriously injured. With the end of World War II, soldiers canceled orders for Hercules H-4 aircraft, although Howard still continued development with his own money. When Howard was released, he was told he had to choose between airline funding or his “flying boat”. Howard asked Noah to pawn TWA’s assets so he could continue development.

When Howard’s OCD symptoms worsened, Howard became increasingly paranoid, put down a microphone and tapped Ava’s telephone line to trace it. The FBI ransacked Howard’s house because of incriminating evidence of war profiteering, the search for his belongings and what Howard feared, tracked the dirt in his house. Owen secretly offered Howard to drop the accusation if Howard sold TWA assets to Juan, but Howard refused. Howard’s OCD symptoms became worse and he retreated to an isolated “germ-free zone” for three months. Juan has Owen, who calls him for a senate inquiry, confident that Howard will not show up. Ava visited him and personally put on and tidied clothes for Howard in preparation for the trial.

Howard was eager to defend himself against Owen’s accusations and accused Owen of taking bribes from Juan. Howard concluded by announcing that he had committed to completing an H-4 aircraft and that he would leave the country if he could not get the H-4 to fly. The charges were dropped and after successfully flying the plane, Howard talked with Noah and his engineer, Glenn “Odie” Odekirk (Matt Ross), about the new jet aircraft for TWA. However, the sight of men in anti-germ clothing caused Howard to experience a panic attack. When Odie hid Howard in the restroom and Noah looked for a doctor, Howard began to look back at his childhood, his obsession with flight and his ambition for success by repeating the phrase “the way of the future” (which means how to achieve the future).

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