The Flash S01E05 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

In a high-rise, there is an explosion, which is suspected to the military working bomb specialist Bette Sans Souci, as this was spotted at the scene. Barry looks for her as Flash, but this brings Barry’s suit, from which he can just leave in time, to explode. The STAR Labs team finds out that Bette is a meta-subject who recovered from a shrapnel injury during the particle accelerator accident when she hit the blast and spread the shrapnel on her cellular plane. Finally, under the command of General Wade Eiling, the military will take over the case from the police, who together with Dr. Watson many years ago. Wells conducted experiments on soldiers to make them stronger. As he is now after Bette, Barry brings her to STAR Labs, where she must recognize to her grief that her explosive power can not be undone. Dr. Wells advises Bette to kill General Eiling, but she is stopped by Barry’s attempt, leaving Eiling Bett’s explosion alive. As this bed then shoots, this threatens to fully discharge their explosive power, whereupon Barry deposits her body, away from the city, in the water, where the explosion has no effect. General Eiling visits Dr. Wells at STAR Labs and offers him the renewed collaboration on what Dr. Wells, however, with the threat to him never again to come to STAR Labs.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 339 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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