The Flash S01E06 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

Iris is visited by Flash, who asks her to stop writing about him on her blog because he thinks she might endanger it. Eventually, Barry arrives at a man who is being pursued by the police as he turns his body into steel to crush Barry before he escapes. At STAR Labs, where Barry recovers fractured bone fractures, they find that the meta-man is Tony Woodward, a thug that Barry knows from school days, who fell into a jar of molten junk during the explosion of the particle accelerator and then got the ability to turn his body into steel. Barry is beaten again in a reunion with Woodward. Cisco tells Barry that he only has a chance against Woodward if he hits him with enough start-up and in the exact right angle, with which he could penetrate the steel skin. Finally, Woodward kidnaps Iris and demands that she write about him instead of Flash on her blog. Barry arrives and follows Cisco’s instructions, knocking Woodward off with a perfect punch. Woodward is then locked in the Metawesen Prison. Meanwhile, Detective West continues to investigate the murder case of Nora Allen. Wells, revealing that he came to Central City 14 years after the death of his wife and then began building the particle accelerator. Iris calls the flash man in her blog now the first time “Flash”. Joe is meanwhile visited by the meta-beings,

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 339 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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