The Flash S01E07 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

As the city’s electricity supply stops, Barry heads to the powerhouse where he sees himself confronted by Farooq Gibran, a meta-man who was sitting on a power pole 10 months ago during the accident, giving him the ability to generate and absorb electricity can. In the ensuing fight, Barry is so struck by Farooq’s lightning that he loses his ability and has to flee. Dr. Wells investigates Barry’s problem in the STAR Labs and concludes that his cell structure can not have changed, but that his meta-ability is suppressed in a certain way and thus must be reactivated. In his secret room, Dr. Wells on his highly intelligent computer system a glimpse into the now changed future Wells’ discontent does not include a newspaper article about Flash. Finally, Farooq forcibly gains access to the STAR Labs to call Dr. To avenge Wells for the deaths of two friends in the wake of the blast. The attempt to return Barry’s power succeeds, despite initial problems. He can withstand the surges of Farooq until he dies by the expenditure of all his energy. Afterwards Dr. Wells Barry, claiming that he has even outperformed him, cited the reason for this in his special room in a diary entry as the connection to the persons who are close to Barry, and sees in the newspaper article again the expected predetermined future. Meanwhile, Barry visits as Flash Iris, who has provided for the capture of William Tockman at a hostage-taking, and assures her that he will not be late again. Finally, Dr. Wells a sample of Farooq’s body to find out how he managed to block Barry’s powers.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 338 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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