The Flash S01E08 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

In Central City becomes a bank of the meta-sweeper Roy Bivolorobbed by using his ability to incite the persons present against each other. In Barry’s attempt to capture Bivolo in his hiding place, Arrow also appears as Oliver Queen, Barry’s friend from Starling City, but Bivolo can escape. The reason behind Olivers, Felicity and Diggle’s appearance is a personal murder case in Starling City, whose trail has led them to Central City. Oliver agrees to help Barry with his case on the condition that he practice his approach, which Barry obviously displeases. When Barry tries again to grab Bivolo, he manages to look him in the eye and flee. Back at STAR Labs, where Barry seems to have no consequences, Caitlin and Felicity find out that the special eye color, which Bivolo can assume has an effect on human emotions, causing them to become angry. After Barry’s boss in the police station demands results from him, Oliver continues to be dissatisfied with Barry’s training discipline, and finally he sees Iris, for whom he feels feelings, with her lover Eddie Thawne, colleague of Detective West, he grabs Eddie out of pent-up anger on. In the STAR Labs it is stated that Bivolo’s power is now acting very late on Barry, caused by his own meta-ability. Oliver is forced to stop Barry’s anger in a fight. After this balanced, Joe and Dr. Wells in a car and blinds Barry over headlights with bright colors, which neutralizes his anger. Oliver and Barry, who is now in their right mind again, Finally, they manage to put Bivolo into the Metawesen prison. Eventually, Iris turns away from Flash because of his aggressiveness towards Eddie. Meanwhile, on a street in Central City, the neglected and dead Ronnie Raymond, who has developed the meta-ability to create fire.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 339 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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