The Flash S01E10 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

Barry is again faced with Leonard Snart, known as “Captain Cold” for his ice weapon, who has returned to Central City with his accomplice Mick Rory to destroy Flash. Dr. However, Wells advises Barry, who has been training a lot since his fight with the man in yellow, the “reverse flash”, to get faster and coped with leaving Captain Cold to the police and instead opting for reverse flash focus. When Snart attacks an airfield, the police appear, armed with Cisco-developed, cold-resistant special shields against Snarts Frost Cannon. However, the latter then receives help from Rory, who attacks the police with his pistol, which emits fire similar to the operation of a flame thrower. So they can withhold the police, but as they wait in vain for Flash, they take flight. Meanwhile, Caitlin continues to follow the trail of Ronnie and discovers that the name “Firestorm” is a research project in the areatransmutationis. She learns from a former member that the head of the project, dr. Martin Stein, one day disappeared, after he continued the project without permission. To attract Flash, snatch Snart and Rory Caitlin and announce on TV a meeting place for the final fight. Shortly thereafter, Cisco and Detective West succeed in finding and freeing the Caitlin prisoner. With the help of Eddie, Barry manages to steer the beams of Snarts and Rory’s guns together, neutralizing the ice and fire, getting them thrown away by the impact, and the police arresting them. The weapons are kept safe and Snart and Rory are transferred to prison. However, Snart’s sister appears,

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 339 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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