The Flash S01E11 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

After Barry has successfully extradited members of the criminal Royal Flush gang to the police, Drs. Wells in his luxurious residence victims of an attack, in which, however, only the house comes to harm. Dr. Wells explains to Barry that the attacker has a sonic weapon and he identified him as his former protégé and highly intelligent STAR Labs scientist Hartley Rathaway. This wants to take revenge on Wells, since he suffers from the particle accelerator accident in a hearing damage. When Rathaway finally attacks his family business, Rathaway Industries, with his sonic gloves, Barry appears, who can capture him. Rathaway brings in Dr. Wells confessed that he was aware of the risk of an explosion when activating the particle accelerator he has nevertheless entered the danger in view of the possible success. Finally, Rathaway succeeds in escaping in the absence of Barry. Wells, whose rapidity of reverse flash failed, can not stop. When Rathaway begins to destroy cars with the sound waves in the street, Barry rushes in, who manages to take off his gloves. However, by getting information about Barry’s body and suit from the STAR Labs computers during his outburst, Rathaway can use his gloves to transmit a very sensitive tone to the frequency of Barry’s radio remotely, resulting in Barry’s organs begin to die off. In need, Dr. med. Wells then switched to a satellite for the surrounding car’s radio, whose signal he transmits to the gloves, which are destroyed by it. Upon re-capture, Rathaway Cisco reveals he can lead him and Caitlin to Ronnie. Dr. Meanwhile, in his secret room, Wells once again uses the Tachyon prototype to restore his speed.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 339 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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