The Flash S01E12 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

The meta-subject Shawna Baez has the ability to teleport and thus frees her friend Clay Parker from prison. To Barry’s help, his father Henry is in jail and finds out that Parker was in debt before going to prison. Baez and Parker then ambushed a cashier to raise the necessary money for Parker’s boss, as Barry appears and tries to stop them. However, he has no means against Baez ‘teleportation force and is also shot by Parker, so he must let the two flee with the money. Meanwhile, Cisco releases Hartley Rathaway from prison to tell him the secret of Ronnie and Dr. Stone explains. Rathaway shows Cisco a shot of the particle accelerator surveillance cameras during the blast, where you can see like Dr. Stone is caught by an energy wave, apparently merging with Ronnie. Then Rathaway attacks Cisco, hits him and flees. After the police use Henry’s information to interrupt the exchange of money between Parker and the gang leader, but Parker and Baez flee, Henry is beaten in jail by a gang member. When Barry interrogates the attacker personally, he reveals that another cashier is the target of a robbery. Barry makes his way immediately and finally meets Baez and Parker, whom he can catch in a tunnel. Knowing that it is not possible for Baez to teleport in the dark, Barry destroys the complete tunnel lighting so that Baez has no chance to escape in the dark and is captured by Barry. Baez is locked up in a jail for meta-beings in a teleportation-proof cell. Finally, Barry meets for a date with Linda Park, whom he met in a bar on a dinner with Caitlin. In the sewers of Central City meanwhile two construction workers are being killed by the gorilla Grodd.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 357 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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