The Flash S01E13 Dual Audio 720P

After Firestorm attacks a scientist, STAR Labs decides that Firestorm is made up of Ronnie’s body. Martin Stein’s mind is controlled. The team goes to Dr. Stein’s wife confirms that she has been visited several times by Firestorm. Dr. Wells and Caitlin are waiting in the evening in front of Steins house on Firestorm, and when this appears, Barry must interrupt his date with Linda Park. He hurries but is inferior and can only put him to flight with Caitlin’s help. Meanwhile, Detective West and Cisco visit the scene of the murder of Nora Allen 15 years ago, where they can recreate the scenery thanks to a mirror in which Silver Nitrate has burned the current reflections through the sparks of lightning from back then. In the process, they notice traces of blood under a wall wallpaper that are, however, at an impossible distance from Nora, so that they must belong to one of the two meta-beings who seemingly killed Barry’s mother. After the team Firestorm with the help of dr. Steins wife can bring to STAR Labs, this is examined there. Dr. discovers Dr. Wells, that Ronnie’s and Stone’s atoms are repelled within Ronnie’s body, which gradually generates enough energy for an atomic explosion. With the knowledge of his condition, Firestorm flees to commit suicide in a remote location to protect the city. Meanwhile, Cisco informs Joe that one of Barry’s blood samples is adult. After Dr. Wells rebuilt the Tachyon prototype into a quantum splitter, the Ronnie and Dr. Stein is to take Barry Caitlin to Firestorm outside the city, where she equips him with the device. The attempt fails, however, and Firestorm detonated in an atomic explosion, barely escaping Barry and Caitlin. This in turn does not go unnoticed by the military, where General Wade Eiling causes Firestorm to recover.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 339 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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