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Ngoc Minh Quan is an Asian-born British man who lives peacefully in London where he looks after his only daughter, Fan, and a restaurant with Keyi Lam. The father and the daughter go to a chic shop where she can buy a pretty dress for her prom . While he is near his car and the store, a bomb devastates the building, killing his daughter on the spot. The attack is claimed by a group called ” IRA authentic”.

Quan, despite his grief, is trying to find out who killed his daughter. He first questions the Scotland Yard police officer in charge of the case, Richard Bromley, going so far as to offer him a large sum of money to obtain the names of the terrorists, which Bromley refuses. Subsequently, Quan learns that Liam Hennessy, Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland based in Belfast , acknowledges his involvement in very old operations of the IRA, but that he now advocates for the safeguarding of peace. Hennessy says he does not know who orchestrated the attack, but Quan doubts it. Hennessy negotiates with a prominent British politician, Katherine Davies, and promises concrete results in exchange for the grace of former IRA members. He then meets influential members of the IRA and demands that they count the weapons and explosives in all the caches of the organization. He decides to give different codes to each unit of the IRA, hoping that this will identify the culprit if a second attack is committed and claimed using this code.

Coming to Belfast, Quan manages to question Hennessy, who refuses to help him in any way. Quan then explodes a homemade bomb in the bathroom of the building where Hennessy works, then recalls it to demand the names of the terrorists again. It also has an explosive mechanism in one of Hennessy’s vehicles, voluntarily deactivated as a warning. Hennessy orders the capture of Quan. A few hours later, IRA members discover his hiding place and try to capture him, but Quan fled after several hand-to-hand fighting. He then follows Hennessy and discovers that he has an extra-marital relationship with Maggie, a young Irish girl.

Hennessy, fearing Quan, takes refuge on his farm near Belfast. He receives a document that reveals that Quan is a former member of the US Special Forces. Quan, who followed the vice president, drops bombs on the farm and then fights men who work for Hennessy. The latter orders Sean Morrison, his nephew, to return from New York and explains his plan to find the author of the attacks. He sends Morrison to London to explain his plan to Bromley. Morrison takes the opportunity to meet Hennessy’s wife in London; the two have an intimate relationship and Morrison tells him about Hennessy’s plan.

A second attack is committed on a London bus, but the claim does not mention a code, which defeats Hennessy’s plan. However Bromley, through video surveillance, manages to identify the author of the first attack, Patrick O’Reilly, who is also responsible for the death of the family of Sean Morrison, and his chief Mc Grath, high ranking of the IRA. Morrison returns to the farm and uses his human hunter skills to find Quan. But it is Quan who makes him prisoner and learns that he has served in British special forces in Afghanistan. Morrison reveals to Quan the identity of the terrorists.

Hennessy, on the other hand, talks to McGrath, complaining that the plan was derailed because he wanted to sow terror in London in order to show himself as a strong man by ending the attacks. He never wanted anyone’s death, but McGrath accuses him of denying his own. After badly wounds McGrath, Hennessy learns the names of the blasters, which includes his mistress Maggie, then he understands that his wife organized the terrorist cell, passed vital information to the terrorists and even acted so that Hennessey fell into the arms of Maggie. He’s killing McGrath. Later, he meets Morrison, tells him about his affair with his wife and orders him to bury McGrath. Morrison confesses their affair but Hennessy reveals to her that she cheated everyone,

Quan discovers the mark of the blasters in London, kills them one after another, except the woman. The police invade the apartment, where she discovers Maggie unconscious. Police officers torture her to determine where the next bomb will be placed, before executing it on Bromley’s orders. Police officers are spreading in an airport, seize the mobile of a reporter who had been trapped by Maggie and save in extremis the travelers.

Hennessy receives a call from Davies, who tells him he’s still in office, but will now be closely monitored for his involvement in the attacks. At his home in Belfast, Quan faces Henessy and forces him to send a photo on the Internet on which he kisses Maggie. He will be labeled as a terrorist. Quan then returns to the restaurant, where Keyi Lam, happy to find him, embraces him tenderly. When Bromley learns that Quan is back at his restaurant, he informs the police officer to continue monitoring him, without trying to stop him, believing that after all … he has done them a favor.

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