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The Founder is an American movie from 2016 . Directed by John Lee Hancock, the screenplay was written by Robert D. Siegel . Starring Michael Keaton , Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch . The film is based on the true story of McDonald’s and its founders Richard and Maurice McDonald and Ray Kroc . It is the film version of the book The true story of McDonald’s .

Ray Kroc is not particularly successful in 1954 as a representative for milkshake mixers. When a restaurant orders six of his mixers, he considers this a mistake. When he then calls the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald, they increase the order even on eight of his mixers. To get an idea of ​​the McDonald brothers’ seemingly very successful restaurant, Ray travels across the US to San Bernardino .

Ray is fascinated by the restaurant concept at McDonalds: In front of the restaurant there is a long line of customers, but unlike many other restaurants, customers pick up their own meals at the order counter – there are no waitresses. The food is sold in paper bags – there are no dishes or cutlery. But the waiting times are much shorter than other restaurants. Mac McDonald willingly shows Ray his restaurant and explains the concept to him. Ray invites Dick and Mac McDonald to dinner to hear their story.

Over dinner, Dick and Mac tell their life story of how they changed their drive-in restaurant into a self-serve restaurant, and how they had to take setbacks from time to time until their restaurant was finally successful. Ray finally suggests to the brothers McDonalds to extend their concept as a franchise to many restaurants. The previous attempts of the brothers McDonalds with Franchiserestaurants were not successful.

Ray sees great potential in the restaurant system and Dick McDonald’s design for the restaurants, and eventually convinces the two to contract him with the franchise rights. The contract provides the brothers McDonalds with extensive voice-over rights to retain control over the operation of the restaurants. In order to get the money for the first reopening, Ray pawns his home because he has not received any money from banks in any other way. For other restaurants Ray advertises money with friends. After the first openings, Ray threatens to lose control of the restaurants, the menu is not exactly what the McDonalds brothers want, and it’s dirty. For other restaurants, Ray advertises operator couples who not only provide the money,

Changes to the restaurant concept that Ray wants to make regularly fail because of the resistance of the McDonalds brothers. For example, Ray wants to make the milkshakes from instant powder in order to save costs. Ray has now opened 13 restaurants and is becoming increasingly successful. He still has economic difficulties because he owns neither the restaurants nor other assets and he receives according to the contract with the brothers McDonalds only a very low share of the franchise fees from the restaurant operators. The financial adviser Harry Sonneborn proposes Ray to buy the land for the restaurants themselves and then to lease the restaurant operators. This should also give Ray more influence on the restaurants. Ray founds a new property management company without involving the brothers McDonalds. The brothers McDonald see it as a violation of the contract concluded with Ray.

Ray is trying his best to increase his influence on the restaurants at the expense of the brothers McDonalds. With Ray now managing a nationwide, landlocked company, and the McDonalds brothers still only running their restaurant in San Bernardino, the McDonalds brothers finally agree to fully enjoy the restaurant concept and the McDonalds name for $ 2.7 million. Sell ​​dollars to Ray.

The McDonalds brothers are allowed to keep their restaurant in San Bernardino, but they are not allowed to use the name McDonalds. After the takeover, Ray opens his own restaurant directly opposite the brothers McDonalds’ restaurant, eventually driving their restaurant into bankruptcy. Ray was not only concerned with the McDonalds brothers’ promising restaurant concept, but also with McDonald’s name for his restaurants

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