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At the beginning of the film, they show the castle of Lisbeth’s father and two sisters: Lisbeth and Camille. Lisbeth escapes from the castle, as her father raped her sister.

It takes several years. Lisbeth ( Claire Foy ) became the people’s avenger, which is reported in the media . Soon she receives a message from a certain Frans Boulder ( Stephen Merchant ). Mikael Blomkvist ( Sverrir Goodnason ) works at Millennium. Lisbeth meets with Boulder and learns from him that he developed the Firefall program, with which you can take control of all ballistic missiles in the world. However, the professor realized that he had created a monster and now the program is in the hands of NSA agents , and only Salander can get it. Lisbeth hacks the agency’s server and downloads the program to a laptop .

While in a secret meeting, Agent Ed Niman ( Lakit Stanfield ) receives a message about a server hack. Nyman travels to Stockholm , from where a cyber attack was carried out .

Lisbeth tries to open the program she stole by entering the passphrases that Boulder gave her. Her apartment is raided by terrorists from the Spider group who hunt for Firefall. They steal a laptop with a program and undermine the apartment. Lisbeth survives by hiding in the bath, after which the police appear and Salander hides on the bike. SEPO employees offer protection to Boulder in exchange for the program.

Lisbeth calls Michael, asks for help to find the masked man behind the theft of the program and sends him a photo. Nyman flies to Stockholm. He is detained at the airport and taken to the SEPO. Ed is ordered not to interfere in the investigation and released.

Lisbeth borrowed a plague from his friend, the hacker Plague ( Cameron Britton ), and went for Boulder. Nyman searches Salander’s apartment. The Swedish agency meets at the Blomqvist bar and asks to reveal Salander’s whereabouts, but the journalist refuses. When employees leave, he sees that same person in a mask. Michael follows him and they soon meet. He learns that the masked man stood in the way of the Spiders, and therefore he was mutilated.

Ed Niman finds the girl Lisbeth in a nightclub and sends Salander a message from her number. “Spiders” attack Boulder’s shelter and kill all the guards, while the doctor and his autistic son Augustus ( Christopher Convery ) are taken hostage. Lisbeth arrives in place and kills several terrorists, but she is injected with poison, after which they kill Boulder and kidnap Augustus. Salander reaches for a vial of medicine, catches up with the Spider car and frees Boulder’s son. When she runs away, the girl notices among the terrorists their leader – the matured Camilla ( Sylvia Hooks ), who was considered dead. Police consider Lisbeth involved in the murder of the professor.

Lisbeth brings the boy to his refuge, where Mikael arrives. He says the boy should be sent to San Francisco , where his mother lives with Firefall. August calls a long sequence of numbers, which is the access code to the program.

“Spiders” track down the shelter of the heroes due to the mistake of Augustus and kidnap Augustus. Lisbeth, using a sensor in the chess piece that she presented to the boy, tracks him down. The girl enters the Salander castle, where Camille holds Augustus captive. Lisbet is caught, and the SEPO employees (sent to the castle) are killed personally by their sister. She tells Lisbeth that she left her with her hated father and is now about to take revenge on her. Niman appears and kills Camilla’s agents with a sniper rifle , while Camilla runs away with her laptop. Lisbeth kills her accomplices and runs after her sister. She mortally wounds Camilla and she is thrown off the cliff, leaving the laptop. Niman runs to the cliff and discovers an empty laptop and a message from Lisbeth.

Michael sits down to write a report that Lisbeth Salander is innocent of the murder of Frans Boulder. But then he decides to leave this idea and erases all the printed text. Lisbeth Salander burns down a castle that she hates.

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