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The Host (in Brazil : The Host ; in Portugal : Nomad ) is a film romantic of science fiction and the film adaptation of the book of the same name by writer American author Stephenie Meyer . Directed by Andrew Niccol , he stars Saoirse Ronan , Max Irons and Jake Abel. The feature film shows a near future, where humans have their bodies invaded by alien beings who call themselves “souls.” In this context, the young Melanie Stryder (Ronan) tries to fight against the invasion of a soul called Pilgrim and return to the conviviality of his family.

The project began in 2009 when producers Nick Wechsler, Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz bought the film rights to Meyer’s novel with their own money. They presented the idea to director Andrew Niccol, who also wrote the screenplay. In June 2011, independent producer Open Road Films acquired the rights to distribute the work, and filming began in February 2012. Selected locations include Louisiana and the New Mexico desert .

The Host was released worldwide on March 29, 2013. It had a bad reception from film critics who pointed out flaws in the script and the pace of the story. However, among the fan base created by Meyer’s novel, the film was well accepted. The original soundtrack of the feature film was released on March 26, 2012.

In The Host , planet Earth is invaded by an unnoticed enemy. The humans are transformed into hosts of the invaders: spend no more his own consciousness , while the body remains the same and life goes on without any apparent change. Most of mankind can not resist.

When Melanie, one of the few humans yet to be captured, is found, she is certain that the end has come. Pilgrim, the invading soul to whom Melanie’s body is delivered, had been warned about the challenge of living inside a human: overwhelming emotions, over-senses, various present memories. But there is a difficulty with which Peregrina did not count: the former owner of the body fights the possession of her mind.

Pilgrim scans Melanie’s thoughts, hoping to discover the whereabouts of human resistance. Melanie floods her mind with visions of the man she’s in love with – Jared, a human survivor who lives in hiding. Unable to free herself from the desires of her body, Peregrina begins to feel attracted to the man whose mission is to denounce. The moment a common enemy, the Seeker, transforms Peregrina and Melanie into involuntary allies, the two launch themselves into a perilous search unknown to the man they love.

Eventually, Peregrina happens to live with a group of resistant humans, finding it difficult to be accepted and a great risk of being murdered. But some of the locals approach her, including Melanie’s younger brother Jamie and one of the local residents, Ian O’Shea.

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