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The film is an artistic interpretation of [1] events that took place in Japan in the second half of the nineteenth century, namely at the crucial moment for Japan to introduce all sorts of Western-style modernization, trends from Europe and America (both in terms of everyday life and tactics war).

Sergeant Zeb finds the retired captain of the cavalry of the northerners of Nathan Algren and offers him a job: along with Colonel Bagley, with whom Algren fought against the Indians, train soldiers of the Japanese imperial army. Algren hates Bagley, but agrees and arrives in Japan. He begins his studies with recruits, yesterday’s peasants, but receives orders to speak out against the samurai prince Katsumoto. Olgren says that poorly trained, timid peasants are not ready for battle, but nevertheless, under the pressure of the command, is on the march. In battle, the soldiers of Olgren turn into a stampede and die, Olgren and Zeb fight back in an unequal battle. Samurai Hirotaro kills Zeb, but is killed by the hand of Algren, who is taken prisoner to the mountain village of Katsumoto’s son, Nobutada. Winter is approaching, and it will be impossible to escape from the village.

Olgren is placed in the house of Taki, the widow of Hirotaro. He overwintered in the countryside, taught Japanese, mastered the sword, gradually converging with the noble Katsumoto. During the holiday, the ninja group commits assassinations against Katsumoto, he defends himself with the American, they save each other’s lives. Realizing that the attack was on his opponent, close to the emperor Omura, Katsumoto sent to the court. He returns freedom to Algren. The American rejects Omura’s offer to lead the imperial army and is preparing to sail. At the council Omura stands against Katsumoto, the soldiers arrest the former minister, the weak-willed emperor does not interfere with them. Algren with the help of the samurai frees Katsumoto, while his son, Nobutada, dies. Samurais leave for the village of Katsumoto.

Two regiments of trained infantry with guns and Gatling guns are approaching the village . Olgren and Katsumoto decide to join the battle to force the emperor to hear them. Samurai lure the advanced unit of soldiers into a trap and in open battle break them head on. After that, the cavalry Katsumoto in a desperate attack is cut through the infantry, trying to get to the Omura, but falls under the fire of the Gatling machine guns. Bagli personally goes to the battlefield, and dies in battle with Algren. Algren helps die the mortally wounded Katsumoto, the Imperial soldiers bowed before the heroes as a sign of respect. Olgren is to the emperor, who, having shown will, refuses to conclude an agreement with the United States and shifts Omura. Olgren returns to the village to Take.

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Movie Quality : BRRip 480P

Movie Size : 370 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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