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“The Martian ” ( English The Martian ) – a film directed by Ridley Scott with Matt Damon in the title role. The script was written by Drew Goddard based on Andy Weir ‘s book The Martian . The plot, which unfolds in the near future, tells the story of the astronaut Mark Watney, a member of the research expedition to Mars . Accidentally left on the planet, Watney, having shown wit and will, survives in extreme conditions and is finally saved by the crew returning to him.

The painting was shot entirely in digital format, immediately in 3D. Filming took place in Budapest and in the Wadi Rum desert ( Jordan ) from November 2014 to March 2015. The premiere show took place on September 11, 2015 as part of the Toronto Film Festival . Film distribution in the US began on October 2, 2015, in Russia , Belarus and Ukraine – October 8. The film was released in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D , 4DX , Dolby Vision formats . One of the first in the history of 20th Century Fox releases in Blu-Ray 4K format .

The most successful commercial work in the filmography of Ridley Scott, brought in the worldwide box office over 600 million dollars [4] . “The Martian” has generally received favorable reviews of critics. They noted that, despite the loading of the script with scientific details, the creators managed to bring them to the general public in an entertaining and comedic way. The performance of Matt Damon and the team of special effects of the painting deserved high praise. However, experts noted the existence of problems associated with scientific reliability of events.

The film received several significant cinematographic awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Film and Best Actor in the Comedy Film (Matt Damon) and the National Board of Film Critics Award of the United States (in three categories). Also, the picture received seven nominations for the Oscar .

A close future [~ 1] [5] . Earth expedition Ares III , landed on Mars in the area of ​​the Atsidaliyskoy plain , falls into a sandstorm. A group of six astronauts have to leave the planet ahead of schedule and go home. At the transition to the botanist’s runway, Mark Watney sweeps the satellite antenna element and carries away the storm. The astronaut’s biomonitor was damaged. The head of the mission Melissa Lewis, not finding it and finding the dead, gives the order to start. The astronaut remains alone on the planet, wounded, without connection to the Earth (the antenna and the ship are no longer available), in a residential module with resources for a month for a group of six people. Mark counts that he needs to transmit the signal to Earth and survive for three years before the next mission of Ares IV . To replenish supplies of food Mark uses several potato tubers available for a festive dinner by Thanksgiving Day, breaks the plot (to do this, he poured the Martian soil into the module, then added the organic matter extracted from accumulated waste products, as a fertilizer) and begins to grow potatoes. To produce water Mark conducts a chemical reaction, using the remaining rocket fuel in the tanks of the landing stage of the departed ship – hydrazine .

On Earth, almost 2 months after the evacuation, NASA specialists , analyzing satellite photographs, suggest that Watney survived. On Mars, Watney finds the device Mars Pathfinder, which has not functioned since 1997 . He uses the device’s transmitter to send data to Earth. NASA correctly guesses its intentions and revives the program of the device, for which no one has been following for a long time. Having established the connection, the specialists begin calculating the next manned mission Ares IV with the rescue operation, but the preparation will take a long time. The astronaut wants to send a cargo ship with equipment and supplies for survival. Preparing the launch in a short time without any checks results in a catastrophe: an explosion during the launch. Help Chinesecolleagues, launching the probe on its carrier. On the surface of the planet, Mark makes the mistake of using only one gateway module. Inflatable walls of the lock were worn out and once there is an explosive depressurization of Mark’s dwelling – the potato farm is dying.

Meanwhile, the crew of Ares III flies home, but on Earth it is believed that the crew should not know that Mark survived. But nevertheless, the team learns the truth and secretly receives calculations that, having made a gravitational maneuver near the Earth, they theoretically can return to Mars. Lewis and the crew decide to hack the ship’s computers so that the control center does not stop them, and return to the rescue of the comrade. They are ready to spend 533 days in outer space. Having intercepted the Chinese probe along the road, the astronauts are flying toward Mars. It takes seven months. Watney, after learning about the return of Ares III , is preparing to depart. After spending 461 sol [~ 2] on the planet , Mark is put forward on the rover to the crater of Schiaparelli, at a distance of 3200 km, where there is a starter module for the future departure of the Ares IV crew. Maximizing the module as much as possible, the astronaut flies away from the surface of Mars. He does not manage to gain enough height, and the Ares III team has to go on an adventure with the braking of the ship in orbit by the jet stream of airborne air, but even after equalizing the speeds, Watney is still out of reach for salvation. Then he improvises, making a puncture in the glove of the spacesuit, and successfully returns to Hermes , and then – to Earth.

At home Mark Watney becomes an instructor in survival in difficult conditions for future astronauts [6] [7] .

A new expedition “Ares V” is sent to Mars, designed for more than 400 days. All members of the crew of “Ares III”, except for Martinez, watch the launch on TV. Martinez – on board the ship, sent to a new flight.

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