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The Martian ( Mars in Spain , 5 Rescue Mission in Latin America ) is a film American of science fiction of 2015 directed by Ridley Scott and written by Drew Goddard . Its protagonists are Matt Damon , Jessica Chastain , Kristen Wiig , Jeff Daniels , Michael Pena , Kate Mara , Sean Bean , Sebastian Stan , Aksel Hennie , Donald Glover, Mackenzie Davis and Chiwetel Ejiofor . The film is based on the novel by Andy Weir published in 2011 Martian (The Martian) .

The crew of the mission to Mars Ares III is exploring Acidalia Planitia on the Martian day or sun 18 of a mission of 31 soles. A dust storm forces them to abandon the mission and return to the ship in orbit “Hermes”. During the evacuation, astronaut Mark Watney is hit by an antenna and lost in the storm; the telemetry of his suit indicated decompression and loss of vital signs before turning off. With the remaining crew members in danger, Major Melissa Lewis gives the take-off command of the VAM (Mars Ascension Vehicle) without him.

After the storm, Watney is awakened by the low oxygen alarm of his suit and returns to the “Hab” (Habitat), the base of operations of the crew on Mars. An antenna piece is removed from the abdomen, which had punctured his suit and destroyed his biomonitor, which gave erroneous readings of his vital signs, and started a daily video. He is aware that his only chance of rescue is the arrival of the Ares IV mission to the Schiaparelli crater, 3 200 kilometers away, within four years, and that he will need his scientific knowledge to survive. After calculating that he has food for only 300 soles (approximately 309 Earth days), Watney, mechanical engineer and botanist, improvises a field of cultivation, inside the Hab with Martian soil fertilized with vacuum-packed crew excrement, water made by extracting hydrogen from hydrazine , a surplus rocket fuel, oxidizing it through combustion, and potatoes reserved for a Thanksgiving meal . He also cleans the solar panels of the Hab and starts modifying the only functional rover to make the long trip across Mars.

When reviewing satellite photos of Mars, following instructions from Vincent Kapoor, Director of the Mission, the satellite specialist Mindy Park realizes that Watney has survived. Despite the objections of Mitch Henderson, Director of Flight of the Hermes , the director of NASA Teddy Sanders decides not to inform the crew, believing that it would distract them from their mission.

Watney travels with the rover to retrieve the Pathfinder probe , with which communications were lost in 1997. Using the camera of the descent module, establishes a rudimentary communication with the JPL team . NASA sends you instructions to modify the rover and that, through the Pathfinder , they can communicate by text. Watney is upset when he is told that the crew has not been informed of his survival, and Sanders authorizes Henderson to inform them.

Considering that growing potatoes would allow him to survive until the sun 900, Henderson and Bruce Ng, Director of JPL, prepare a plan to send a space probe to Mars with supplies for Watney, with enough food until the arrival of the Ares IV . When a fault in the Hab lock causes an explosive decompression, the Watney plants die and Sanders orders to accelerate the works of the supply mission by skipping the safety inspections. Unfortunately, the launcher with the supply probe explodes immediately after takeoff.

The Chinese National Space Administration offers NASA the Taiyang Shen , a secret space shuttle that could carry a cargo to Mars. Meanwhile, JPL’s astrophysical physicist Rich Purnell has calculated a gravitational assist maneuver to send Hermes back to Mars more quickly, using the Chinese shuttle to supply her for her additional 18-month trip. To do this, he held a secret meeting called “Project Elrond”, in that meeting he simplified the details of the maneuver and Sanders rejected the plan because he did not want to risk the lives of the crew, but Henderson secretly sent the details to the Hermes. Lewis and his crew unanimously vote to execute the plan, and NASA, unable to stop them, agrees to replenish the Hermes as it flies around Earth, using gravity to accelerate back to Mars.

After 461 soles, Watney begins his journey of 90 suns to the Schiaparelli Crater, where the VAM of the Ares IV mission has already landed. In order to reach the Hermes on its way over Mars, Watney has to make drastic modifications in the VAM to reduce its mass, removing equipment from the interior, windows, the nose and exterior panels; Watney will wear his spacesuit and will not have access to controls, so the ship must be operated remotely from the Hermes ; they throw it but it does not reach the planned height or speed. The Hermes uses its maneuver rockets to change trajectory and a decompression of its own internal atmosphere to slow down. Lewis uses a backpack propelledusing nitrogen gas under pressure to approach Watney’s ship, but can not reach it. Watney punches the glove of his suit and uses the jet of air that escapes like a miniature rocket to approach Lewis. The crew gathers and all over the world crowds celebrate the news.

After returning to Earth, Watney starts a new life as a survival instructor for new astronaut candidates. Five years later, on the occasion of the launch of the Ares V mission , those involved in the rescue of Watney have returned to their lives or initiated new activities. You can see that Martinez travels as commander of the “Ares V”, Lewis leaves NASA and stays with her husband, like Vogel, who returns to Germany. Mitch Henderson retires as flight director of NASA. Beck and Johansen end up together and with one child in common.

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