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Mya is married to Lewis Denton, but unhappy and cheating on Ben Capstone. After one of their parties they fell asleep and woke up after midnight from the television, which just turned on. There is no normal broadcast on it, but strange image and sound signals. Shrugging Mya leaves for her car in the parking garage, where a man is sitting on the floor with his clothes full of blood. He says he has been attacked. Before Mya can approach him, she sees someone approaching her quickly, whereupon she jumps into her car and makes her get away.

Once in her apartment complex, the residents seem unusually aggressive towards each other. Lewis also questions Mya remarkably suspiciously, while two of his friends try to adjust the TV antenna so that they can watch a baseball game. When one of them is waving enthusiastically with a baseball bat, Lewis gets angry, takes the bat and starts waving badly. When he then attacks his friend with the bat and smashes him in the brain, Mya flees from the house. People are also fighting in the corridor, and when her neighbor next door befriends her, she tries to choke her.

It is clear to Mya that something is completely wrong. She wants to call the police, but the same strange signal comes from her phone as from the television. That is not her cell phone, because when she wanted to call home at Capstone, the sound came from his landline. In the meantime, the entire city appears to have been forgiven by people killing each other, who, under the influence of the signal, have not changed so much into chaotic tantrums, but into deliberate murderers whose perceptions of reality have changed radically.

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 872 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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