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Gordie extracts the bullets from Cassandra’s corpse. The city holds a funeral for Cassandra. Lexie becomes paranoid and refuses to leave home, and other girls feel insecure too. Men decide they need to impose worklists to keep the city running. It’s made up of “The Guard”, mostly by soccer players, to patrol the streets. Grizz comforts Allie. Helena reveals to Luke that she has several weapons and gives her one. Becca worries about the pregnancy and the fact that everyone will find out Sam promises to love his baby and be present for both of them Two people pull weapons against each other in the cafeteria Allie accepts the title of leader, convinced by Gordie Campbell supplies Harry with more drugs Allie leads his first town hall meeting and announces that all weapons will be confiscated. Elle approaches Kelly with the idea of ​​a movie night. The Guard reviews everyone’s house and confiscates weapons, but Helena refuses to obey. Allie decides to keep the weapons instead of destroying them. Sam reveals that Campbell is a diagnosed psychopath. Campbell nearly drowns Elle in her bathtub.

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Movie Size : 216 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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