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The Tournament is a British independent action thriller from 2009 under the direction of Scott Mann . The main roles are played by Robert Carlyle , Ving Rhames , Kelly Hu , Sébastien Foucan , Liam Cunningham , Scott Adkins , Camilla Power and Ian Somerhalder .

A group of rich people operating above the law organize The Tournament every seven years . This is an event in which thirty of the best assassins on Earth compete against each other for the title ‘best assassin in the world’ and a sum of millions. The competition lasts 24 hours. At the end of it, only one participant may still be alive. If not, the electronic transmitters explode, of which every assassin gets one implanted before the start and everyone dies.

Head 0rganisator Mr. Powers ( Liam Cunningham ) allows each tournament a number of spectators to use large amounts of money on the participant whom they think will win the tournament. The bettors can follow everything on monitors on which the participants are monitored, through the images of hacked security cameras in the city where the event is held. The tournament remains secret due to the power of the organizers. All the damage and corpses that remain in the city are explained in the media they have checked as consequences of accidents, terrorist attacks, and runaway individuals.

For the latest edition of The Tournament , Middlesbrough was chosen as the location, the home of the alcoholic pastor MacAvoy ( Robert Carlyle ). He has no knowledge of the hiring tournament, but ends up in the middle when participant Anton Bogart ( Sebastien Foucan ) cuts his transmitter out of his body and throws coffee in a pot. MacAvoy gets the transmitter through a cup of coffee and is therefore one of the thirty targets. The first participant to reach him is Triade- killer Lai Lai Zhen ( Kelly Hu). He convinces her that he does not know what is going on, after which Zhen takes him in tow and tries to keep him alive in the midst of the violence.

The participant to whom betters can earn the least money is Joshua Harlow ( Ving Rhames ). He won the tournament seven years ago and has returned for a second participation. The reason for this is that in the meantime his wife ( Tamika Cameran ) was murdered and the message reached him that one of the other 29 participants in the new tournament is her killer. Revenge for this is the only remaining motive in his life.

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Movie Quality : Mobile 480P x265

Movie Size : 167 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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