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Thor: Day of the Decision (Original title: Thor: Ragnarok ) is an American superhero film , which celebrated its premiere on October 31, 2017 in German-speaking cinemas. The film is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after Thor – The Dark Kingdom is the second sequel to Thor from 2011. Like its predecessor films, Thor is based on : Day of Decision on the Thor comics, in which, among other things, with characters and plot elements of Norse mythology . In addition, some details of the film are based on the Storyline Planet Hulkfrom the comics Incredible Hulk # 92-105 and Giant-size Hulk # 1.

Two years after the fight in Sokovia , Thor is captured by the fire demon Surtur in search of the infinity stones . This tells Thor that his father Odin is not in Asgard and Ragnarok – the predicted downfall of Asgard – imminent, about which Thor himself has visions. With the help of his hammer, Mjölnir , Thor frees himself, defeats Surtur, and takes his source of power, a crown, to Asgard to protect him from Ragnarok , where she is kept in the treasury.

At home, Thor reveals the machinations of his brother Loki , who feigned his death, took the form of Odin and has since ruled Asgard. Thor, along with his brother, tries to retrieve their father Odin, whom Loki had deposed on Midgard, the Earth, and robbed of his memories by means of a spell. When she, with the help of Dr. StrangeFinding Odin, he reveals to his sons that his firstborn, who was concealed from Thor and Loki, Hela, the goddess of death, would break out of her prison after Odin’s early demise and set off for Asgard. Hela was a bloodthirsty warrior who conquered the nine worlds with Odin. But when Odin left the war and could not control Hela, he kept her away from Asgard, since her power is strongest there.

Odin dies in front of his sons, whereupon Hela appears. To stop her, Thor attacks her with Mjölnir, whom she destroys. Surprised by her strength, Loki and Thor want to escape to Asgard through the Bifröst – the teleportation bridge of the nine worlds. During the teleportation, however, Hela follows them, beats the two out of the Bifrost into space and thus gets himself to Asgard, where she kills Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun upon her arrival. In order to conquer more worlds, she takes over the reign of Asgard and looks for the Bifrost sword that his guard Heimdall has stolen.

Thor lands through a teleportation hole on Sakaar, a garbage planet outside the nine worlds. He is captured by a woman called Scrapper 142 . She is actually a former Valkyrie from Asgard, who many years ago survived fighting Hela as the only one of the Valkyries. In order to leave this event behind and forget, she settled on Sakaar and since then tries to suppress her trauma with alcohol.

Thor is sold by her to the Grandmaster, who conducts gladiatorial fights, while Loki has landed on the planet two weeks earlier and made friends with the Grandmaster. Thor is forced by the Grandmaster to face the champion in the gladiatorial arena, who turns out to be the hulk in the arena . After the fight, Thor Bruce Banner, who has been in Hulk’s form for two years and can now speak in it, tries to persuade them to flee to protect Asgard from Hela and prevent Ragnarok.

With the help of the Valkyrie – who joins Thor to take revenge on Hela -, Loki and Bruce Banner, who transforms back from the Hulk’s form, they trigger a revolution and hijack a Grandmaster ship. Through a teleportation hole fly Thor, Bruce and the Valkyrie to Asgard, where she is Hela, the Fenriswolfand their army of revived warriors. In the sole fight against Hela Thor loses an eye, but recognizes at the same time the dormant power of the thunder, which he can use without Mjölnir. Heimdall meanwhile tries to get the Ases to safety through the Bifrost. There the way is blocked by Helas army and the Fenriswolf. Bruce transforms into the Hulk and attacks the Fenris Wolf. Shortly thereafter, Loki appears with rebel gladiators in a spaceship, and they begin to evacuate the Asen to the ship.

Thor realizes that his thunder powers are not enough to defeat his sister and decides to make the prophecy and vision of Ragnarok come true. Only then can he destroy Hela’s power source, Asgard’s existence. His goal is only to save the Asen. Thor and the Valkyrie hold out to Hela, while Loki goes to Odin’s basement, on Thors’s behalf, where his treasures are kept. There, Loki stops briefly at the Tesserakt, then goes on to Surtur’s crown and puts them in the eternal fire, thus awakening Surtur in its most powerful form. The evacuation is completed and the ship flies on board with all the Aces and rescuers. Hela is now forced to fight the giant Surtur. However, this destroys Asgard and his foundations.

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