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Thor: Ragnarok is a superhero film American directed by Taika Waititi , released in 2017 .

It is based on the characters of Thor and Hulk , follows Thor ( 2011 ) and Thor: The Dark World ( 2013 ) and takes place just after the story of Avengers: The Age of Ultron . The plot is inspired by the comics Ragnarok and Planet Hulk 1 . Seventeenth film of the film universe Marvel , it is in phase III.

The third installment of Thor’s adventures was announced by Kevin Feige inJune 2014. While Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston had previously confirmed their participation in the film, the rest of the cast is unveiled inMay 20162 .

After the events of Sokovie and the confrontation with Ultron N 1 , Thor went in search of the Infinity Stones . Two years later, without result, we find him imprisoned in the world of Surtur ( Muspellheim ). He frees himself and defeats the fiery demon, after he has told him that Asgard is defenseless in the absence of the “Father of All Things,” Odin . Thor tears off his crown that the demon intended to unite with the Eternal Flame to provoke the Ragnarok , the destruction of Asgard.

The god of Thunder returns to Asgard with this trophy, noting that Heimdall was chased out and replaced by Skurge for treason and that decadence reigns in his kingdom. He unmasks his brother Loki as Odin and then takes him to Earth to bring back their father, left in a retirement home in New York that has been closed in the meantime. With the help of Dr. Strange , who wants to see the Asgardians leave Earth as soon as possible, they find Odin in Norway at the edge of the coast. The latter reveals them to be dying and what his death will entail.

Once their father is dead, their eldest sister, Hela , the death goddess, claims her right to the throne of Asgard and breaks Thor’s hammer. Loki, terrified at the fate of his brother’s favorite weapon, orders that they be brought back to Asgard. Hela takes advantage of the open Bifröst to go to Asgard, the source of his power, and takes the opportunity to get rid of the two Asgardians by forcing them off the beam. She arrives at her destination and kills without difficulty Volstagg and Fandralwhile Skurge prefers to submit. Odin’s eldest reaches the city and gets rid of the entire Asgardian guard led by Hogun without any problem. She reveals the hidden history of the Kingdom of the Gods to her new servant, made of conquests and massacres perpetrated by Odin and his daughter, until Odin gives up the killings and sends his daughter, thirsty for conquests and killings, in a dimensional prison. It then enters the vault, explaining that most of the “treasures” it contains, including the Infinity Giant, are dummy then seizes a fiery Eternal Flame and uses it to make resurrect catacombs of the city asgardiens dead during his conquests and buried in them as well as Fenrir, a giant wolf, old mount of the goddess of death. She takes them under her control and begins to enslave Asgard.

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