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Total recall ( Total Challenge in Spain , The Avenger of the Future in Latin America ) is a film directed by Paul Verhoeven in 1990 and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger . It was written by Ronald Shusett, Dan O’Bannon, and Jon Povill. He won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and is based on the story by Philip K. Dick We can remember it for you wholesale ( 1966 ). Besides that it was the movie with the highest budget produced by Hollywood . In 2012 a new movie was released based on the story of Dick, considering a new version of the story and not an adaptation, given the differences between them.

In 2084 , one of the dreams of Douglas Quaid ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) is to go on vacation to Mars , but his wife ( Sharon Stone ) does not share it and therefore decides to go to a company specialized in implanting false memories in the human mind for believe that he has traveled to the red planet. What it does not imagine is to what extent it can be dangerous not to know if a memory is false or true: after an error in the implantation, Quaid will believe that it is a secret agent they have discovered and want to kill. Soon you will discover that, really, someone wants to end your life and that you are in a very complicated situation.

In the year 2084 Douglas Quaid is a “normal” man who works as a construction worker . He is a worker who lives his life tied to his work on Earth with his wife Lori . He is obsessed by a recurring dream he has when sleeping in which he walks with a beautiful woman on Mars . As his wife does not want to go on vacation to the red planet, since it is plagued by terrorists , Quaid decides that if he can not go in person, he will do it in his imagination, and decides to visit Memory Call ( Rekallin the original version), a company specialized in implanting false memories . When they are trying to implant the memory, the technicians of Memory Call discover that Quaid seems to have been the object of a previous process of implanting false memories. Quaid wakes up and believes he is a secret agent who has been discovered his secret identity, so they sedate him, restore his memory and send him home again. 2

Upon returning home Quaid discovers that his wife, Lori , together with some friends try to kill him. He manages to dodge Lori and discovers that his life in recent months are false memories, and that both she and her friends are there to keep track of him. The marriage is a sham, because it is actually the girlfriend of Richter , the man who is behind these attacks. Quaid escapes and finds a man who claims to be a friend of the past, who gives him a briefcase . Inside the case you find a tool to remove a localization device implanted in your skull. In addition, inside the briefcase there is a video of himself that reveals to him that in fact Hauser is called and that used to work for the administrator of Mars Vilos Cohaagen . The video insists that he must travel to Mars to deliver the information stored in his brain to the rebels, to put an end to Coahagen . 2

Quaid arrives at Mars and avoids being captured by Richter and Vilos Cohaagen agents . On Mars he discovers that, being Hauser , he has already been there and regains contact with Melina , a prostitute from the district affected by mutations , who does not trust him. Quaid returns to the hotel where he meets Lori and Dr. Edgemar , the chief investigator of Memory Call , who tells him that everything he has experienced since leaving Memory Callit has been due to the failure to implant false memories and that everything can be arranged if a pill is swallowed, and thus they can restore their mind to the normal state. When he goes to take the pill he sees that Dr. Edgemar is sweating, which Hauser interprets as a sign that everything is a lie, spits out the pill and kills it. He tries to escape from the Cohaagen soldiers when Melina arrives , who has reflected on Quaid’s story and helps him escape by killing Lori in the process. While they escape, she explains that one of the mutants, Kuato, it may have the ability to extract the information it carries in the brain. Together with a taxi driver named Benny, they escape and head towards Kuato . Cohaagen takes revenge on the mutants who have helped Quaid escape by cutting off district air , slowly causing residents to die of asphyxiation . Quaid is taken by the forces of Kuato to a private place to see the mutant, a humanoid that is inside another man. The mutant helps Quaidto identify an alien artifact that has recently been discovered and implores him to activate it. As soon as I finish telling him this, the forces of Cohaagen along with Benny , who reveals to be a mole, kill Kuato and capture Quaid and Melina . 2

Quaid is brought before Cohaagen , who shows him a video in which Hauser explains why he made the treatment of false memories to take Cohaagen to Kuato . Cohaagen orders that Hauser’s memories be restored and that Melina’s mind be erased, but both manage to escape. They arrive to where the alien device is after finishing with Benny , Richter and the rest of his men. When they enter the control room Quaid manages to start the machine just when Cohaagenarrives and trying to stop the artifact breaks a wall and all three are exposed to the atmosphere of Mars. Cohaagen dies by asphyxia and explosive decompression. The device is a machine to generate oxygen that saves Quaid and Melina from death when gases arise from all over the planet. Quaid and Melina kiss, while Quaid wonders if all this is still a Memory Call memory .

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