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“Recall Everything” ( English Total Recall ) – a fantastic action movie of 1990, directed by Paul Verhoeven with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. The film is based on the story of Philip Dick ” We’ll Remember Everything for You ” ( English We Can Remember It for You Wholesale , 1966). The film was nominated for an Oscar for best sound and better sound effects editing, but took a special Oscar for visual effects.

June of 2084. Builder Douglas Quaid ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) regularly dreams of being on Mars , accompanied by a cute brunette. Seeing the advertisement of the company “Recall” (“Rekall”), which promises to hold a wonderful vacation by implanting memories into memory, Douglas decides to make a similar “journey”. Despite the warnings of colleague Harry that if something goes wrong, this venture threatens lobotomy, the main character goes to the office of “Recoll”. After choosing an unusual version of “travel” – a mission to Mars as a secret agent, memory transplantation begins.

Quaid suddenly experiences an attack of anger, screaming at people who are trying to kill him, trying to break free. It turns out that the operation affected the area of ​​memory that was erased earlier. Wiping all the memories of visiting the company “Recoll” ( English Recall – a recollection ), Douglas sent home. Suddenly, he is attacked by colleagues at work. At home, Douglas tries to kill his own wife ( Sharon Stone ). Quaid is hiding. The stranger calls to him, and, introducing himself as an old friend, hands over the suitcase with money, weapons and fake documents. Among other things, Quaid finds a video recording that helps him understand what happened – the past of Douglas is really connected with Mars, where he was a secret agent. Pursued by Richter’s men ( Michael Ironside), one of the assistant administrators of Mars Vilos Kohaagen ( Ronnie Cox ), Quaid goes to Mars.

Arriving on Mars, Quaid discovers that Kokhaagen owns a monopoly on the air and that a significant part of the population of Mars has mutated as a result of the lack of quality air and proper protection from cosmic radiation. Having met his former girlfriend Melina ( Rachel Tikotin ) and finding out her real name – Carl Hauser, the protagonist joins the underground resistance.

Melina and Quaid find the leader of resistance Kuato, with the help of which Quaid remembers the mysterious alien machines installed in the caves of Mars. Suddenly appeared troops of Kohaagen killed Kuato, and Kohaagen himself declares to Quaida that all the events that occurred were planned in advance. According to Kohaagen, Hauser, who was loyal to the Martian administration from the very beginning, agreed to erase the memory in order to gain the confidence of Kuato. Now, with the victory over the resistance, Quaidu will re-implant the old consciousness. However, the Hauser-Quaid manages to escape from Kokhaagen, with a fight to break through to the alien mechanism, which turns out to be an air-breathing generator and to launch it.

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Movie Quality : Mobile 480P x265

Movie Size : 195 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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