Vikings S01E03 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

Ragnar’s war band returns in triumph to Kattegat, where Earl immediately confiscates the ransacked riches, except for one piece per man. Ragnar chooses the disturbed Athelstan and returns home. The monk’s faith and his vow of chastity bewildered Ragnar, but he nevertheless gathers useful information about the kingdom of Northumbria. Based on this new vision, Earl Haraldson authorizes another invasion in England. Now, accompanied by Lagertha and Earl’s brother, Knut, Ragnar re-embarks after the rush, leaving Athelstan to mind the farm and the children. As the Vikings set foot on English soil, they are attended by the local sheriff and a handful of gunmen, who invite the newly arrived “merchants” to meet King Aelle. Ragnar agrees,

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 391 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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