Vikings S02E08 Dual Audio 720P

In reviewing the ancient Roman texts with Athelstan, Ecbert sees a way to defeat the Vikings. Horik advances to what he thinks is Wessex’s army, but Ecbert takes the Vikings between two cavalry troops and defeats them. Rollo is seriously injured but is recognized by Athelstan and taken back to Winchester. Ragnar names his son Bjorn Iron Flank because he is unharmed. Aelle wants to destroy the remaining Vikings, but instead Ecbert decides to offer them land and employ them as mercenaries to fight against Mercia. Rollo is returned to the Vikings, and some of them volunteer to fight for Kwenthrith. Athelstan returns to Kattegat with the Vikings, admitting that Ragnar now believes in the Christian and Nordic gods. Meanwhile, Aslaug makes ├×orunn a free woman.

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 410 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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