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Warm Bodies is an American romantic zombie – comedy from 2013, based on the novel My pale friend (Original title: Warm Bodies ) by Isaac Marion. Directed by Jonathan Levine , who also wrote the screenplay. Leading actors are Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer . The film focuses on the inner life of the zombie R , represented by inner monologues, and how he and the human woman Julie fall in love.

The film premiered on 16 January 2013 in Rome . The movie was released on February 21, 2013 in German cinemas.

After a zombie apocalypse , the zombie R spends his days running around an airport site. Among the zombies that inhabit the city, belongs Rs best friend M . Their communication consists only of grunts, groans and occasional near-words. Like all zombies, R is always on the hunt for human flesh, especially the brain. When he eats the brain, he relives the memories and feelings of the victim and feels alive again. The zombies live, hunt and travel in groups, they move very slowly. At a later stage, they become bonies or skeletons that move faster and eat everything whose heart beats.

In search of food, R and a group of zombies find a group of people, including Julie Grigio. Julie’s father, the leader of a heavily guarded and foreclosed human settlement, has sent her to the nearby town to collect medicines from abandoned buildings. R sees Julie and immediately feels attracted to her. After Perry, Julie’s friend, shot R in the chest, R kills him and eats his brain. Julie gets nothing from it. R now experiences Perry’s thoughts and memories, adding to the appeal of Julie. R rescues Julie from the rest of the zombie group and takes her to an airplane he inhabits (an old Boeing 767-400) to hide them from his fellow species. Being so close to Julie, R slowly begins to come to life. His heart begins to beat and various stimuli are passed on.

Finally, Julie becomes restless and persuades R to bring her home. On the way, R confesses to her that he killed Perry. Then Julie leaves R and returns alone to the settlement. R, with a broken heart, makes his way back to the airport. On the way, R meets M and a group of zombies set out to follow R. M and the other zombies also show first signs of revival. R leads M and his group to the Human Settlement where R can sneak in. There he meets Julie, her friend Nora and Julie’s father Colonel Grigio. While Nora reluctantly accepts that R is changing, Colonel Grigio refuses to believe that zombies can become human again and threatens to kill R. Julie and R can flee to a ballpark where the rest of R’s pack is waiting.

As Julie and R run away from the Bonies, they are surrounded. The only escape route is the jump into a low-lying pool. R and Julie jump with R protecting Julie from the impact. R hits his head, but both survive the fall. Out of joy that they are still alive, R and Julie kiss passionately, turning R’s eyes from a dead gray to human blue. R has turned back into a human. But Colonel Grigio, who has been watching the kiss, thinks R is still an undead and shoots him in the chest. When Julie tries to stop her father from finally killing R, she realizes that he is bleeding heavily from the gunshot wound – this is proof even to her father that R is human. From now on, humans and zombies fight together against the bonies.

After the bonies are finally defeated, the wall around the human settlement is blown up. R and Julie watch this scene from a hill. The zombies are gradually being integrated into society, and soon there will be little difference. M remembers that his former name was Marcus. The movie ends with R – he and Julie are now a couple – deciding to keep his name R.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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