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Wild Child ( Teen Diva in Spanish America and Megapetarda in Spain ) is a British genre comedy romantic film starring Emma Roberts , Alex Pettyfer and Natasha Richardson as Mrs. Kingsley. It was directed by Nick Moore and is rated PG-13 in the US. The film takes place both in England and Los Angeles. It was the last film in which Natasha Richardson participated, who died after a ski accident in 2009.

The film begins with an image of the ocean before an image of Poppy Moore ( Emma Roberts ) sleeping in her room. Then he wakes up before remembering that his father’s girlfriend will move to his house. In an attempt to get the attention she wants, with her fake friends throw away some of her father’s girlfriend’s clothes. Then, jump from the cliff with some of the clothes. Her father gets angry and tells her that he is going to send her to a boarding school in England .

Her roommates, Drippy ( Juno Temple ), Kiki ( Sophie Wu ), Jozie ( Linzey Cocker ) and Kate ( Kimberley Nixon)), they have a rejection of their deterioration of forms and immediately move away from them with bad attitude toward school and other girls, which represents one of the teachers putting their entire room in detention. After this Poppy tries to find a way to prevent it without much success. She goes to the computer room at night to send an email to her best friend Ruby and sees Drippy crawling in the kitchen to pick up ice cream from the freezer after an embarrassing eyebrow tint. When there is a fire drill that occurs at the same time that Poppy is outside her bedroom, she climbs a ladder to one of the rooms to avoid being trapped. A male voice from behind a bathroom curtain asks for his name and offers his help to get out without being caught.

During a lacrosse practice Poppy laughs at Harriet ( Georgia King ) in attempts to be a good lacrosse player and the two enter a field fight when Freddie ( Alex Pettyfer ) – son of Mrs. Kingsley – appears and greets to Poppy, she realizes that it was the voice she heard. Goes to the office of the director, Mrs. Kingsley ( Natasha Richardson) gives him the Alice in Wonderland novel, telling him that he could help her. When Harriet is forcing a freshman to dye her clothes with tea for the next school dance she sees Poppy sitting on a bench and pouring the dirty water on her. Kate finds Poppy in her room and discovers that Poppy’s mother died when she was eleven years old. Poppy says she has to be expelled because it’s her only way to escape. When Kate sees that Poppy has the book of Alice in Wonderland decides to help her get his expulsion. They give her an idea of ​​how she can get the expulsion, they help her, thus becoming more friendly, but even Poppy still wants to leave. When none of her plans comes to success, she decides to be expelled through the beautiful son of the director, It is strictly forbidden to fraternize with any of the girls. They go to the city to find a suit for dancing and Poppy enjoys shopping at a savings store. Next, she goes to the hairdresser and Poppy changes the hair color to a more natural dark brown color.

The dance starts with all the boys on one side and the girls on the other, and then Harriet appears with the music of Pride and Prejudice because she had heard that Freddie thought she looked like Keira Knightley. His attempt to conquer it frightens him, more than anything. After dancing with Freddie, Poppy falls and hits her head causing Freddie to go outside with her, where he asks for an appointment in exchange for when he returns to school. During this time the whips of Poppy put the lacrosse team in shape, getting to reach the final that is the first of them. Before leaving with Freddie, Poppy is so excited that she does not close the team session after sending an email to her friend Ruby, and runs to meet him. In the appointment Poppy tries to be near the school, but they have just entered the city and Poppy is caught by Freddie. They kiss during lunch and Popy returns to school in the clouds.

Poppy, with no one else, tries to talk to Ruby who while the phone rings is “busy”. Ruby accidentally picks up the phone and says what she really thinks about Poppy. During the call, Drippy goes to the freezer to eat ice cream. Feeling even more alone, Poppy begins to play with her lighter and when she hears a noise, she escapes leaving it on the floor. Shortly after the establishment sets fire. The school is evacuated, but when doing a count of people they see that Drippy is missing; Poppy realizes that it is in the freezer, and goes into smoke to get it out. After the fire is ended, Freddie finds his lighter. He turns his back on her, refusing to listen to what happened. Poppy goes to the director and confesses. Poppy also asks Mrs. Kingsley to give Freddie a letter apologizing.

While waiting for the Court of Honor to decide whether she should be expelled, the school thinks that Poppy was trying to kill everyone. Poppy finds an image of her mother and the lacrosse team and thinks they are the same. She is crying when Freddie finds her. After a face-to-face interview, Freddie is convinced that she is innocent and did not write the email. In the Court of Honor, Poppy tells her story, while in her room her friends find out that Poppy left with Freddie when the email had been sent, and Harriet was the only one who was nearby. They go to court, and they incite the whole school to confess that they were present in the fire. Harriet says it was Poppy who started the fire with her lighter, which only Poppy and Freddie knew, and accidentally confesses that she started the fire. Poppy is innocent and Harriet is expelled. The group of students that year feels happy about that. The film ends with the final of the lacrosse championship where Abbey Mount wins. Poppy’s father goes to the party and is surprised by the radical change of his daughter Poppy, in particular, by his similarity with his mother. Poppy is happy with her new change and that her heart is healed. A few months later, Poppy returns to her home with her father and sister Molly in Malibu, along with Kate, Josie, Jennifer, Camilla and Freddie. Ruby calls her to see if he wants to meet her. When Freddie asks Poppy who Ruby is, she replies that she is “a bitch she knows”. To celebrate the time they have spent together with her, Poppy convinces her friends to make the jump from the cliff that was what led her to her arrival at Abbey Mount. Despite their doubts, the five young women take the leap into the ocean.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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