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The only witness (original title: Witness ) is a feature film of Paramount Pictures from 1985. Directed by Peter Weir , starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis . The action, which largely took place among members of the Amish community , was filmed in Philadelphia and Intercourse, Pennsylvania . The film received two Oscars .

Eight-year-old Amish boy Samuel Lapp is waiting with his widowed mother Rachel at the Philadelphia train station for the train. At the station toilet, he witnesses a murder of a police investigator who was perpetrated by two perpetrators, one of whom he can identify. He also tells the responsible investigator John Book.

However, Samuel does not identify any of the criminals he describes as a murderer by Detective John Book, but Police Commander James McFee, who works in the narcotics department and whose picture he happened to see in a newspaper article. Book believes the boy because he worked with the murdered investigator and his junior partner Sergeant Eli Carter in a case of drug trafficking involving corrupt police officers. He therefore concludes that the victim was murdered by the police for their own protection because he had tracked them down. He therefore decides to hide Samuel and his mother for their own protection and informs his supervisor Paul Schaeffer about the new findings. This is but with McFee under a blanket. McFee lurks Book a little later in an underground car park and tries to kill him. He injures him by oneStomach shot hard.

Book, who also knows about Schaeffer because of this event, drives Samuel and Rachel home to Rachel’s father-in-law Eli, on whose farm they live in the midst of an Amish community. On the way, Book Carter talks about his findings by phone and tells him to get rid of all the information about Samuel, which he does. Because of his high blood loss Book must be maintained in the yard; Treatment in a hospital is not possible because of the reporting obligation of a gunshot wound and the associated detection of his whereabouts by the corrupt police.

When he gets better, Book puts on Amish clothing and participates in the rural life of the community until his full recovery. Book and Rachel develop feelings for each other. Rachel is also courted by the Amish Daniel Hochleitner. When visiting Amish in the city, Book can use a public telephone. He tries to reach Carter in the police headquarters, but learns that his partner “in the exercise of his service” has died. He realizes immediately that Carter was murdered by the corrupt police.

When he is back on the way home with the Amish group in their horses , they are provoked and molested by drunken thieves , which the Amish accept, however, as they generally live non-violently. However, Book can not hold back and grabs his fists. Due to his unusual for an Amish massive intervention is the local police attention, which in turn informed Schaeffer, who had asked for information regarding Book.

Shortly thereafter, Schaeffer, McFee and her accomplice Fergie, who had been the second murderer at the station, come to the court with guns to kill Book and the family. John does not have his pistol with him and hides in the barn. But he manages to lure Fergie into a corn silo and by opening the slide with the falling grainsto suffocate. Then he shoots the approaching McFee with Fergie’s dug out rifle. Schaeffer can use Rachel and Eli as hostages to force Book to drop the rifle. However, Eli has been able to instruct Samuel to ring the court bell. Schaeffer gives up in the face of the many run Amish and is arrested. At the end, Book says goodbye to Samuel and Rachel and leaves the settlement. On the way he meets Hochleitner, who is apparently on the way to Rachel.

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