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Witness : Witness Watch is anAmerican filmdirected byPeter Weir, released in1985.

After the death of her husband in Lancaster County , Pennsylvania , in 1984, a young Amish woman , Rachel Lapp ( Kelly McGillis ), decides to take her 8-year-old son , Samuel ( Lukas Haas ), to the outside world. for the first time on a trip to Baltimore , Maryland , to visit her sister. During the journey, Samuel is amazed to see people and this world so different from him. As Rachel waits at the station of the 30 th Street in PhiladelphiaSamuel took the opportunity to use the men’s toilets. He is the accidental witness to the brutal murder of a man ( Timothy Carhart ). Hidden in a dressing room during the drama, he attends the scene but sees clearly only one of the murderers. Rachel and Samuel are introduced to Captain John Book ( Harrison Ford ) and Sergeant Carter ( Brent Jennings)), which reveal that the victim was a policeman named Zenovich. Book and Carter bring Samuel and Rachel to the downtown Philadelphia police station to allow for identification with photos or other prisoners. But Samuel does not recognize any. Then strolling and wandering in the police station, the boy sees on a wall a newspaper clipping with the photo of police lieutenant James McFee ( Danny Glover ) of the narcotics brigade and secretly identifies him to Book as the man he saw at the station.

Book reports to his superior, the chef Paul Schaeffer ( Josef Sommer), explaining that McFee was responsible for a descent where expensive chemicals used to produce amphetamines had been discovered, without ever being reported to the police. Zenovich was investigating the disappearance of these chemicals, which, if sold, could make McFee a very rich man. Thus, McFee killed Zenovich to ensure his silence. Schaeffer advises Book to keep the affair secret so they can both work on it discreetly. Later, returning to Book House is facing McFee in the garage. The latter is trying to kill him. During the shooting Book is seriously injured and manages to scare off McFee. Book understands from this moment that Schaeffer is also in the shot being the only one informed of the suspicions which weighed on McFee. Book phone so Carter demanding to remove all police records noting details on the Lapp and he says it will disappear for a time. Schaeffer, McFee and Fergie (Angus MacInnes ), the second murderer of Zenovich, then begin their hunt to accuse Book of Crime and hunt him down. On the run, he takes Rachel and Samuel back to their farm in Lancaster County, but during the trip, his health deteriorates as a result of his injury and he loses consciousness behind the wheel of his car demolishing a birdhouse. Unable to go to the hospital (bullet wounds must be reported to the police), Rachel’s father-in-law Eli Lapp ( Jan Rubes ) reluctantly agrees to house and care for Book with the assistance of apothecary Stoltzfus ( Frederick Rolf ).

Two days later, Book recovers slowly and in thanks, offers to help agricultural work. Book has some difficulty adapting to the rustic life but is adjusting quickly demonstrating her carpentry skills by repairing Rachel’s damaged birdhouse, and making toys for Samuel. Samuel then taught Book how the farm worked, running water through the wheel, and the use of the corn silo. Book participates in a party with the entire Amish community where the village traditionally raises a barn for the newest married couple. In order to allow her to blend into the local community, Rachel gives Book some “modest” Amish clothing belonging to her late husband. Many Amish, however, remain suspicious of his true identity and the true reason for his presence in the home of Rachel and Eli. Eli brings Book into town so he can phone Carter, who orders him to remain in hiding … Returning Book asks Rachel to keep her gun after Samuel finds him, forcing Eli to have a serious discussion with Samuel on the Amish notion of good and bad. Little Samuel admits that since he saw with his own eyes a man being savagely murdered, he could resort to violence if he, or his relatives, were threatened by “bad men”. Returning Book asks Rachel to keep her gun after Samuel finds it, forcing Eli to have a serious discussion with Samuel about the Amish notion of good and bad. Little Samuel admits that since he saw with his own eyes a man being savagely murdered, he could resort to violence if he, or his relatives, were threatened by “bad men”. Returning Book asks Rachel to keep her gun after Samuel finds it, forcing Eli to have a serious discussion with Samuel about the Amish notion of good and bad. Little Samuel admits that since he saw with his own eyes a man being savagely murdered, he could resort to violence if he, or his relatives, were threatened by “bad men”.

Frictions also occur between Book and the farm’s neighbor, Daniel Hochleitner ( Alexander Godunov ). Rachel being a widow, Hochleitner hopes to marry her, but feels her more interested in Book. Hochleitner’s instinct is true when Rachel and Book begin to show signs of their attraction, which is also noticed by other members of the community. One night, while Book repairs the car in the barn with Rachel, the radio plays Wonderful World. Trained by the moment, they begin to dance. Both are interrupted by Eli, somewhat shocked: although anodine from the point of view “English”, the dance is an activity to which the Amish do not engage. This incident reveals to Eli the first signs of Rachel’s desire to be individualized in the face of their way of life. Eli points out that she could be sidelined and expelled by elders in their community for such behavior. Rachel, outraged, tells Eli to have done nothing wrong. One evening, Book obsessed with her attraction to her, shows up at the wide open door of Rachel’s room as she bathes her half-naked body in the basin. The intense desire for it for Book makes it complacently offers her nakedness without trying to cover herself.

Later, Book returns to town with a group of Amish to join Carter, but he was murdered. Furious, Book calls to Schaeffer’s private residence (hence his appeal can not be traced), openly accusing him of corruption and promising him to hunt him and McFee. Returning to the farm with Book, Hochleitner and the other Amish are being harassed by some local troublemakers who insult Amish culture and their legendary pacifism. Book, angry said to one of them you’re doing a stupidity, counter-attacking and breaking the nose of the most arrogant. This fight troubles the citizens, surprised to see an Amish react in such a way. The affair immediately reaches the sheriff of the city. Book announces to Eli that he will leave the next day. Rachel, upset by this news, rushes to meet Book in the open field and both share a passionate kiss and perhaps more …

Of course, Fergie, McFee and Schaeffer arrive at the community early in the morning, threatening Eli and Rachel. Book observes this since the barn with Samuel that he sends to take refuge with the neighbors. Attracting Fergie to the grain elevator, he traps him by pushing him into it. It releases a cascade of corn that quickly suffocates it. Book searches the corn close to the body and retrieves Fergie’s rifle, which he uses to shoot McFee in self-defense. Meanwhile, Samuel rings the bell of his farm to alert neighboring fields. When Schaeffer, losing his mind, threatens to shoot Rachel, Book agrees to indulge him. At that moment, more than fifteen Amish arrive at Lapp’s farm, answering for help. Book, angry, sum Schaeffer to stop his madness, stressing that he will never be able to kill everyone and get away with it. Schaeffer realizes that he has really lost his footing and, stunned, lets himself be disarmed. The local police arrive soon and take Schaeffer.

As Book prepares to leave the farm for good, he shares a last moment with Samuel and a look of love with Rachel. Picking up his car, he greets Eli and leaves the Lapps farm crossing on Daniel Hochleitner Road, going to Rachel’s house.

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