Thor Ragnarok Full Movie in English & Hindi HD 720P


Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Free in English and Hindi Dubbed HD 720P

Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Free

Thor Ragnarok Full Movie in English and Hindi HD Download is a 2017 American science fantasy action film based on the Marvel Comics comic book series about the superhero Thor. The film was directed by Taika Waititi from a screenplay by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, and Christopher Yost. Chris Hemsworth played the title role and co-starred Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo I Anthony Hopkins.

Two years after the Battle of Sokowia, Thor is imprisoned by Surtur, a fiery demon who reveals to him that Odin is not in Asgard. He also informs him that Asgard will soon be destroyed during the prophesied Ragnarök when his crown will merge with the Eternal Flame that resides there. Thor frees himself, defeats Surtur, and takes his crown.

Thor returns to Asgard to meet Heimdall and discovers that his brother Loki is impersonating Odin. After Loki is unmasked, Thor forces him to help find his father. With clues from Stephen Strange, they find Odin in Norway. Odin informs them that he is dying and that Ragnarök, despite Thor’s efforts, is imminent. He tells them that his death will free his firstborn daughter Hela from the prison where she was locked up long ago.

Hela was the leader of the Asgardian army, which, together with Odin, sought to conquer the Nine Realms. Yet Odin imprisoned her and erased her from history for fear of her ambitions and power. Odin dies, and after a while, Hela appears and destroys Thor’s hammer, Mjølner. When Loki and Thor try to escape through Bifröst, he gives chase.

Thor Ragnarok Full Movie in Hindi and English HD 720P

Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Free in HD Continues. Loki and Thor are pushed into space-time. Hela, upon arriving in Asgard, defeats the army and kills the Three Warriors, before resurrecting the ancient dead who once fought her, including her giant wolf Fenris. She appoints Skurge as her executioner. Hela plans to use Bifröst to expand Asgard’s empire, but Heimdall steals the sword controlling the bridge and begins hiding the remaining Asgardians.

Thor crash-lands on Sakara, a junk planet surrounded by wormholes. A slave trader labeled Scrapper 142 overpowers him and sells him as a gladiator to the ruler of Sakaar, the Grandmaster. It turns out that Loki, who accompanies the Grandmaster, also got there earlier.

Thor discovers that Scrapper 142 is Valkyrie, one of the legendary female warriors who fell fighting Hela long ago. He is forced into a gladiator fight in the Grandmaster’s arena, where his opponent is revealed to be the Hulk. Thor, summoning lightning, gains the upper hand, but the Grandmaster sabotages the fight to ensure Hulk’s victory. The download Link for Thor Ragnarok Full Movie in Hindi & English HD 720P is Given Below.

After the fight, Thor tries to convince the Hulk and Valkyrie to help him save Asgard, but neither of them is interested. He eventually manages to escape the palace and finds the quinjet the Hulk used to get to Sakaar. The Hulk follows Thor to the quinjet, where Natasha Romanoff’s recording causes him to transform back into Bruce Banner for the first time since the Battle of Sokowia.

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Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Free in English and Hindi Dubbed HD 720P

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